TX - Joby, 9, & Jason Graf, 8, burned alive in shed, Hewitt, 26 Aug 1986

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    WACO, Texas (AP) — Prosecutors plan to retry a Central Texas man whose 25-year-old conviction for setting a fire that killed his two young stepsons was set aside due to issues raised later with the science used to find him guilty.

    Ed Graf's murder conviction was set aside in March by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. His case is one of several flagged by a state panel that's examining possible problems with arson investigations in criminal cases...........

    "Over twenty-six years ago, the lives of two little boys were tragically ended," Reyna said in a statement. "Changes in fire science caused Ed Graf's case to come back to McLennan County. It is my honor to continue to seek justice for the boys."

    A judge set bond at $1.5 million. ...........

    Graf was convicted of setting a 1986 fire in a Hewitt backyard shed that killed 9-year-old Joby Graf and 8-year-old Jason Graf. He was accused of locking the boys in the shed and lighting it on fire...........

    Prosecutors supported Reaves' request for a new trial, but have maintained that they believe there is enough other evidence to win a conviction. Graf's ex-wife, Clare Bradburn, has also maintained her belief that Graf killed her children.

    Among that evidence, Bradburn has said, is what she described as his suspicious behavior before and after the blaze. She also questions why he took out life insurance policies on the boys months beforehand...........more......
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    From October 2014:


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    There is a recent (this month) long and detailed slate.com article on this case (1). Ed Graf was convicted of killing his stepsons in an arson case in Texas, where faulty arson science has been used to help convict, and in one case execute (2), an innocent man. Graf did get a new trial but plead guilty, perhaps out of fear of being convicted again.

    The Trials of Ed Graf
    In 1988, he was convicted of killing his stepsons—based on arson science we now know is bunk. A quarter of a century later, Texas granted him a new trial, one that pitted modern forensics against old-fashioned Texas justice.
    By Jeremy Stahl
    AUG. 16 2015 9:02 PM

    Cameron Todd Willingham

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