TX - Johnathan Lee Hamilton, 27, Houston, 2 May 2015

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    Johnathan Lee Hamilton left his family home in Houston in his father’s gray GMC Envoy to grab a bottle of Coke and a cup of Starbucks coffee for his sister. The handsome six-foot, two-inch young man took the family’s German shepherd, Shadow, with him for the ride, which was unusual. He went back home just to leave the pet and deliver the beverages, like a final offering to his family, and gunned his father’s SUV as far as he could away from the city.

    It was May 2, 2015, three weeks before Johnathan’s 27th birthday, and the last time his family saw him.

    Johnathan had just finished a course in welding. He was spotted two days later 134 miles away at a garage parking in Bastrop, near Austin. His parents begged the local police to detain Johnathan until the family could pick him up for the sake of his safety, as he was diagnosed with type one diabetes and bipolar disorder. They were told that, since the young man “hasn’t done anything wrong, they couldn’t take him.” By the time they arrived, he was gone.


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