TX - Lizbeth Medina, 16, high school cheerleader, found dead in bedroom, murder suspect arrested - Edna, 5 Dec 2023

Does the car have a dark stripe or scrape on the right side, running along under where the door handles are? Or is that a reflection of some kind? (Sorry, looking on my phone so I can't see it super well.) Moo.
It seems to me that it is an accent stripe down the side. It is too even and straight to be a scrape MOO MOO MOO
I got on Google street maps and took a walk up and down the roads surrounding the apartment complex and noted several businesses that appear to have cameras, however they may not be pointed out toward the street to pick up passing traffic. There are also a couple of sorta square containers up the power poles by the entrances to the apartments but they don't look like the cameras we have around here.
Following. With the release of the photos of the likely killer, and the photo of the car, I would be surprised if LE have not already identified him by now, and are probably remaining quiet while they search for him. I would also be surprised if he is not local to the area, and probably still hiding out in the area. JMO
Attached to a release by the Edna Police Department, the photos show a man wearing a black 'Volcom' hooded sweatshirt and was seen driving a silver Ford Taurus, with the model year ranging from 2010-2018.
View attachment 466898
According to the release, the man in question may have a tattoo behind his right ear. Police did not elaborate on any other physical attributes.

"Words can't explain what I felt at that moment, finding my daughter in the manner that she was," Medina said in an interview with Crossroads Today.

Investigators confirmed that the case will be viewed as a capital murder case along with the help of the Texas Rangers and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

*I can’t imagine why this guy murdered this young girl. Obsession?
Pretty clear photos !
I'm expecting an arrest fairly soon.

Her poor mom.
This is so senseless and disgusting.
I'm glad they have photos of a possible suspect and hopefully someone recognizes him and calls in with a name soon (if they haven't already).

I'm assuming they probably showed his photo to her mom right away and he wasn't recognized by her. Doesn't necessarily mean he wasn't known to Lizbeth but that her mom didn't know of him. I wonder if they also showed the photo to the HS principal. IMO he does look older than a HS student, though some seniors in HS especially with facial hair can look older than their age (in my experience as a former HS teacher).

I do think the break-in is interesting. Could be a huge coincidence but it happening just two weeks ago makes me think it could be related. I wonder what time of day the break-in happened - also in the morning after Mom left for work? It could have either been casing the place and how easy it is to get in OR a true robbery attempt that Lizbeth interrupted and she saw his face so he came back.

I wonder what specific time her mom left for work vs. what time Lizbeth normally left for school? Curious how big the time window is there. Did Mom reliably lock the door when she left for work? Asking NOT to place blame but they mentioned no sign of forced entry but if it was an unlocked door, he could have just walked in without being invited or being known by Lizbeth. It's also possible of course he just knocked on the door and Lizbeth opened.
Yes, I don't think anyone was blaming the mom.
IF the perp was known to either of them I think there'd be an arrest by now !
So maybe someone who knew her from school or work ?
Hoping for a break very soon.

Rest in gentle peace, Lizbeth.
Justice is coming.
My condolences to all who loved her !

I did jury duty several years back for a burglary B&E, and the perps' defense lawyer kept harping about the unlocked back door.
The prosecutor said even if the door was propped open he'd be facing the same charges.
We unanimously found him guilty.
My best guess at this time is that it was either a crime of opportunity (scary as there's no way to predict it), or someone who knew who Lizbeth was, and targeted her ?

I'd imagine her phone has been handed over to LE to see if anyone had been texting her ?
Any other social media clues -- including her FB page and IG if she had them, and also if any of her friends knew of a stalker-type person ?
Still hoping this can be solved soon for Lizbeth's families' sake.
Googling the apartment complex, there are some previous reviews that mentioned security concerns. Looking at the Google Map for this area, appears to be a few fast food joints nearby and a gas station. I'm curious where the camera is that snagged the photos of the suspect and the car and if anything of interest is shown on nearby security cameras. I would assume at the very least the Valero gas station might have cameras. But of course there's no guarantee the perp drove in and out going past it or stopped there.

I'm also curious if anyone else who lives at the apartments mentioned hearing anything or seeing anything suspicious. If this happened after Mom left for work and during Lizbeth getting ready for school, it was probably the time of morning on a weekday when many are already awake, themselves getting ready for school/work. Especially in an apartment complex, you would assume someone heard something. LIkely LE is just not releasing that info at this time.
The suspect reminds me a little of the suspect in Rachel Morin’s murder, though Rachel’s killer looked bow legged and swayback from the Ring camera footage (complete long shot since Rachel was murdered in MD and the previous home invasion was in L. A. )

I agree. Something to keep in mind as the investigation moves forward. Imo.
He might have a bare right foot, and the sock over his right hand. Possibly.
That's a good impromptu way to avoid fingerprints if you don't have gloves. You'll leave DNA, most likely, because your feet sweat and have natural oils and shed skin cells, but socks will be thick enough for you to, say, manipulate a doorknob and not leave fingerprints behind.

(Don't do crime, kids.)

I would also guess that he was running in the CCTV pics. His leg is pretty bent up for a walking gait.

Looks like in one pic he has a sock on his right foot, in another pic he does not.

Was he running to the crime scene, or running from the crime scene, or both?

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