TX TX - Madisonville, UnkFem 2-6, UP15905, feeding tube, in suitcase, clothes, blankets, Sep'16

John/Jane Doe

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Feb 14, 2021
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Identifinders is already working on this case



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Apr 24, 2017
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Has any medical condition or disease been confirmed for this baby?

Could this child be a victim of Munchausen by proxy? From several cases I have read about recently caregivers have been successfully able to convince doctors to insert feeding tubes when they weren't needed. They jump from doctor to doctor and have move often to avoid suspension. If this happens to be the case maybe they were worried an autopsy would reveal the abuse. I know she was found skeletal. There may be something we are missing in that case. They could have lied and said that their child is living in a care facility and still getting the sympathy they crave from people that way.
She had micrognathia (an underdeveloped jaw that could cause feeding problems), as well as other deformities to her skull, but they haven't confirmed any specific genetic condition. As far as I know, micrognathia can't be acquired and is always something the person is born with.


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Jul 7, 2018
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September 16, 2016 - Madison County Jane Doe


Digital rendering of what the Madison County Jane Doe might look like.Photo byNCMEC
On September 17, 2016, a man mowing his pasture in the 7800 block of I-45's southbound feeder road near Madisonville, Texas plowed into a black suitcase. Seeking identification, he opened the bag. Tucked inside were three white trash bags, and inside those bags were the remains of a young girl.

The little girl, between the ages of two and six, wore a size 4T “Mon Petit” pink dress decorated with hearts and butterflies and the phrase "Follow Your Dreams." Also found with her were a Mic-Key 14 FR 1.2 cm feeding tube and “Parent’s Choice” (Walmart brand) size 4 diaper. Nearby, investigators also discovered a child’s silver bedspread, military-issued camouflage shirt (desert digital pattern), a pair of socks (color and size unknown), adult gray sweatshirt, and a small green blanket.

The small size of the girl’s jaw indicated a condition called micrognathia. Children with this condition have a problem eating, and was probably why she had a feeding tube. Her skull was deformed and flattened on one side.

The medical examiner concluded that the little girl's death was a homicide.

DNA was obtained from the Madison County Jane Doe. Identifinders International has been using forensic genealogical research to track down relatives, but matches found so far are not enough to make a definitive tie to the little girl's family line. They have determined the little girl has white, Latino, and Native American genetics.

If you have any information about the Madison County Jane Doe, please contact the Madison County Sheriff’s Office at 936–348–2755.