TX TX - Maegan Hembree, 30, Hockley Co., 26 Feb 2013

I'm new here , but after reading through this case it struck me as a little eerie because there's a few similarities between Maegan and Brandi Ellen wells , both were born in 1982 and they had similar hair colour and they even look similar too , both from Texas, they are same height and similar weight and both there cars where found between 5 to 7 days after they went missing and not much more evidence to go on .

has there been anymore info on Maegan at all ?
Mothers of Lubbock's Missing Persons Not Giving Up Hope in Search for their Children


When Maegan Hembree's mother saw her last, she said she was heading from their family home in Smyer to a friend's house, but she never made there.

"When it happens to you, you just don't realize...It's unreal," said Robbie Hembree, her mother. "'Thought I might hear from her in a little bit, you know leaving her messages, then about mid-day. I checked the hospitals, jails, anything you could think of."

According to witnesses however, she was last seen with a man by the name of Michael Todd Ramsey. He was taken into for questioning, but no charges have ever been filed in Hembree's case. Ramsey does remain behind bars though in Vandzant County on unrelated charges.

"He's [Ramsey] going to answer for this, and we are going to get justice someday."

As the fourth year since her disappearance nears, Maegan's mother recalls what the last few have been like. Vigils and various searchers to help bring this daughter home to her parents, and a mother back to her son.

Texas woman left a friend's house 4 years ago, but never made it
February 26, 2017

I'm very confused. Was she friends with the man she was traveling with? Is he currently incarcerated? Him driving her car after she went missing just doesn't look good.
Local Law enforcement said they are also searching for Maegen Hembree, who would be 34 years old now.

She was last seen on February 26, 2013 while driving from Smyer into Lubbock in her red Saturn vehicle. Her family said she was on her way to her friend's house, but never made it.

Maegen's father, Jerry Hembree, told EverythingLubbock.com the police have a person of interest in this case.

"They have to know that we're still on this and they have to know that we're still looking for her, and they have to know that we're not going to stop until we find her," Hembree said.

A witness told police she was last seen with Michael Todd Ramsey, an acquaintance of Maegen's.

Ramsey is being held in jail in East Texas on unrelated charges.

Maegan was 30 years old when she was last seen at 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 26, 2013. She was driving her red two-door Saturn from her home in Smyer to visit a friend in Lubbock. She never arrived. Her son was 5 at the time his mother went missing.

According to officials, Maegan was last seen with Michael Todd Ramsey, a man she had reportedly met just a few months earlier.

Three days after Maegan went missing, officials say they found Ramsey with Maegan’s car. Ramsey was taken into custody and questioned multiple times about the case, but no charges relating to this case have been filed. A year after she went missing, Ramsey was in possession of Maegan’s cell phone SIM card. Lubbock County investigators discovered a small drop of blood in her car, but there was not enough evidence to formally charge him with her disappearance.

Maegan is 4′11 and weighs 120 pounds. She has dark blonde hair and green eyes. She has a large Houston Astros logo tattoo on the back of her neck, and a tattoo on her lower left leg. She was last seen wearing pajama pants and a hooded sweatshirt.


Nothing found in search of Meagan Hembree from Smyer

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