TX - man shot dead on live TV following high-speed police chase

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by popsicle, Apr 15, 2015.

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    During the chase, deputies said the driver called 911 to say that he had a child in the vehicle and threatened to harm the child if officers attempted to pull him over.


    Deputies said Shephard's claims that there was a child in the car was all a ruse and there was no child found in he vehicle.


    raw video: full

    Cannot help to wonder if this was not some sort of suicide by cop ruse on Shepard's part? After all, it seems to me that no one could be stupid enough to threaten harm to a child, during a high-speed chase, and expect nothing, at all, to happen.

    Also, Iow, how is the person that was driving the white van? As well as the individual in the gray van? The article does not mention whether (or not) they were okay, taken to the hospital, or what?

    All around, very sad situation for the kids, the two victims who this man rammed, and the LEOs who were faced with the very real decision to shoot.
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    Just sad all around.
    And why did he reach into the back of his car after being told to put his hands in the air ??
    Comply with the police and live. Smh. :(

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    Thankfully the driver of the white subcompact received only minor injuries which is a miracle considering a Chrysler 300 is a heavy full size car. An elderly couple in the silver SUV only sustained minor injuries as well.


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