Found Deceased TX - Michael Chambers, 70, Hunt County, 10 March 2017 *found deceased 2023* #8

They had to of found DNA on that bicycle....unless it has been under water and is lost. I can't help but think they have some good evidence and are trying to tie it back to someone or 2 or 3!!
I don’t know if they would find touch DNA on the bicycle if it’s been exposed to the elements for almost 6 years.

(Speed-reading forensic research & I think it’s highly unlikely, but no definitive
answer yet )
I see that Derrick Levasseur (detective who has appeared on various TV shows) has a new YouTube channel called "Detective Perspective." I've always loved the way this guy thinks. It would be nice to see him tackle the Michael Chambers case. I didn't look yet but I am sure he has a way to slip him notes about potential cases. I'm also struck by how this case has been quiet recently.
We are almost at a year from when the body was found. This case continues to disappoint, however. I'm just so curious about whether law enforcement is any closer to an answer than they were a year ago. Looking from afar, this appears to be a quite complicated case with a lot of unanswered questions. Here are some questions that I have:
1. Is Philip Klein still working on this case? Back in May, he said that he was going to talk to the Chambers family and determine whether he would continue but I don't remember if we ever heard.
2. Back in 2022 (?) there was someone on social media who claimed to have some information about the case (this was before the body was found) but she seemed to indicate that someone she knew had a guilty mind and told her some things. She was given the contact information of Hunt County police and P. Klein so I know they talked with her. I know that police need to corroborate information that is given to them but is it really possible that those responsible for this crime have NOT talked? I doubt it. To me, it's a question of just how much they have talked and to whom they have talked.
3. Has cell phone ping technology advanced in recent years that could help this investigation? I have to think the answer is yes.
4. Are the Texas Rangers assisting with this investigation? How much man/woman power has Hunt County devoted to this case? I'd imagine that they are super busy with other stuff (who isn't busy?!) but do they have help?
5. What is taking so long?? I know we are super impatient with this case but I think for good reason. I'd bet my last dollar that the early mistakes in the investigation (what's NOT in the case file) have made this case that much harder but think about the Gilgo Beach case. There were a ton of mistakes early on there too and they made an arrest this past summer. Will we ever get there?
Hey Everyone,
Our good friends at Othram are trying to raise money to help identify from 1958 Millard County John Doe. Please help if you can. Click on the link to read about the case and to donate. Thank you.
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I've thought about this case a lot and I keep coming back to Occam's Razor, which is the principle that when there are competing theories or explanations for something, you should prefer the simpler one because it's most likely to be the correct version. It seems to me that with the finding of MC's body, we are down to two theories: Homicide or Suicide.

Following Occam's Razor, plus common sense, it seems to me that it has to be homicide. Think of all the complications in the suicide "theory." For example,

1. How did he get to Point, TX? The location of his body was roughly 20 miles from his house. If he rode his bike (at an average speed of 4.5mph, mind you), how come no one saw him? Unless he had Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak, I don't buy that MC rode his bike anywhere that day.
2. Why did he ride his bike to Point, TX when he was just there a few hours earlier at Wal-Mart? Why not just drive his truck to the location rather than riding his bike for 20 miles on a windy day?
3. If you are going to die by suicide, what's the point of staging a fake crime scene? And what do the blood drops get you? And if you are going to be dropping blood drops, would you do it to make it appear that each drop of blood was from the same height (they all look the same)? Wouldn't you create streaks or something or a pool of blood at least?
4. If you are going to die by suicide, what's the point of putting blood on a dowel? What does that get you? With points #3 and #4, why do you need to stage a crime scene? And why stage a crime scene in the very place that is like a temple to him (his garage, where he restores old cars)?
5. If you have decided to die by suicide, why even go to Wal-Mart to do one last nice, kind, selfless thing that morning? I don't think so.
6. Had MC ever expressed to anyone that he was struggling with depression? Did he ever talk to a pastor? A friend? A family member? A neighbor?
7. I know the previous sheriff had said that they had reason to believe it was a death by suicide but what information do they have and WHO provided them that information? Until the public is made aware of that information, I am not buying this argument. "Trust me" does not work in this case, when the previous sheriff has done nothing to build any public trust in this case.
8. Imagine you are MC and you have concocted a brilliant plan to stage a crime scene to make it look like you have been abducted and, perhaps, murdered. You have a vial of your blood and you have dropped it on your garage floor and the drops even go toward the door. You've even thought so far as to put blood on your hands and grab a dowel to really throw off (or convince?) investigators. But you are about to make the biggest mistake of all . . .you are going to go for a leisurely bike ride (remember, an average of 4.5mph) of about 20 miles. If you do the math, that's about a 4-5 hour bike ride! The bike ride is a huge mistake for two reasons. First, it's in your own back yard so anyone in your social circle could see you. A neighbor, someone from church, a waitress or hostess from a restaurant you went to, a friend . . .the list goes on and on. Second, you go on this bike ride WITH YOUR PHONE ON. If you want the investigators to think you have been abducted, would you keep your phone on? Apparently, you are thinking about the phone because you then throw your phone off the 2-mile bridge (investigators believe somewhere in the middle of the bridge) at around 5:55pm, I think.
9. Not only is suicide a horrible "theory," the fact that the sheriff shoved this down the throat of the family on a national TV program just takes the cake.
10. Investigators know this but the phone is NOT the body. The phone could be in one place while the body could be somewhere else. This basic fact seems to be lost on many people, including the original sheriff. He seemed to assume that the phone was on MC's person, which is not a given, especially if it's a murder.
I saw somewhere on social media that Philip Klein Investigations has not been hired by the Chambers family to investigate the homicide. Klein was hired to find Chambers (missing person investigation). I am not sure what that means exactly -- good or bad -- but next month is the 7 year anniversary. It sure would be nice to have an arrest or at least some progress.
It may take decades but I feel like someone will come forward someday with credible information about what happened. Relationships sour, people get a tired of hiding the truth and they will talk to someone. It's going to be a long time I am afraid. Mr. Chambers deserves so much more than what he has been given IMO.
It may take decades but I feel like someone will come forward someday with credible information about what happened. Relationships sour, people get a tired of hiding the truth and they will talk to someone. It's going to be a long time I am afraid. Mr. Chambers deserves so much more than what he has been given IMO.
"It may take decades" is a depressing thought. It shouldn't take decades. In the 7 years, there have to be relationships that have soured, guilty consciences that eat away at people, loose lips, etc. I get the feeling that the police might have some of that already but they still don't have enough to piece it all together; at least in a way that's proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

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