TX TX - Mykah Nix, 6, & Brynlee Holt, 2, taken by mother Jennifer, 45, Smith County, 28 Nov 2018

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    CPS was granted custody of these 2 children on November 28th in Smith County by Judge Carole Clark and have been unable to locate them. The children are: Mykah Nix, age 6 and
    Brynlee Holt, age 2.

    They are believed to be with their mother, Jennifer Nix Holt age 45.

    Jennifer may be driving the following vehicles:

    Black 2000 Honda UAX
    License Plate: Texas FRX 7646

    Red 2010 Jeep Wrangler
    License Plate: Texas GYC 0591

    She may also be driving a Black Jeep.

    Smith County sheriff confirms 2 children missing from CPS custody, may be with mother

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