TX TX - Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, 6, family members say haven't seen since Nov, Everman, 25 Mar 2023 *endangered*


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Mar 23, 2016
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The plane tickets were paid for by Arshdeep's credit card. The day before they left the country, Arshdeep stole $10k from the safe at "one of his places of employment" and deposited in his personal account. So now we know how they paid for those tickets.

Items were found during the searches which are being analysed to see if they're connected to Noel's disappearance. Very careful wording around this and they won't comment further on that til they have results.

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Feb 6, 2019
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TARRANT COUNTY (CBSNewsTexas) - Law enforcement officials provided an update in the search for Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, 6, on April 25.

And while Spencer couldn't get into the specifics of the massive amount of data investigators are going through, he said that data was vital to the investigation.

Data has shown that Noel's disappearance happened near the last week of October 2022.

Records from a credit card account belonging to Noel's stepfather Arshdeep Singh show one way plane tickets to India were bought for his mother and siblings.
And a large cash deposit went into Singh's bank account on March 22, hours before the family fled.

Spencer said Singh had access to company's safe, and he allegedly fraudulently altered the company's cash deposits record. He then removed $10,000, according to Spencer from the safe. After, Singh traveled to nearest bank, and deposited $8,000 into his own personal account, Spencer said.

Thus, an additional warrant for felony theft was issued for Singh.

They've issued than 24 arrest warrants, search warrants, subpoenas and conducted countless interviews, according to Spencer.

This investigation into what happened to Noel, and ultimately where he is has spanned state and country borders.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call police at 817.293.2923.

Newly-released surveillance images show Arshdeep Singh, at his bank, hours before fleeing the country. Police said he stole $10,000 and deposited $8,000 in his account.


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Mar 11, 2018
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The audio for the reporters is shocking.



- Well, good afternoon. I've got a few updates for you regarding the ongoing investigation into Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez. First I want to talk about the physical ground searches - since the start of this investigation, investigators have partnered with two incredible organisations that includes: Texas Equusearch and TEXAR, otherwise known as Texas search and rescue. Thanks to the assistance of these volunteer based organisations, we have successfully searched and cleared numerous tracts of land totaling over 500 acres. These searches have included: nearby wooded areas, creeks, ponds, drainage, construction sites, and more. These teams consist of experts, expert trained volunteers with specialised equipment and resources including: drones, infrared cameras, Lidar, human remains detection K9's, horses and even rescue boats. The searches conducted over the past weekend did lead to the recovery of some items within the search area. However, it is unclear at this time whether those items are specifically related to the disappearance of Noel.

Nevertheless, these items have been collected by crime scene technicians and are being processed in a lab for confirmation. As to not cause any sort of undue speculation on the case, we're not sharing any specifics related to those items, that were collected, until lab tests confirm whether or not they're associated with this case.

I want to make sure that I highlight the importance of these searches, even, when minimal or no physical evidence is located each and every search is valuable in successfully moving this investigation forward. At this time, investigators are continuing to analyse data to determine if and where any additional searches may be conducted.

Prior to the most recent search, I had expressed that investigators were focusing heavily on analysing the tremendous amount of data that has been collected, as a part of this investigation. This work continues as investigators continue to have data come in.

There are simply some data that I cannot go into details on in order to protect the integrity of the investigation, and in order to ultimately seek justice that Noel deserves. However, I do want to share that this data analysis has been incredibly important to this investigation. The data has supported Noel's disappearance most likely occurred near the last week of October 2022 approximately six months ago. Additionally, financial records indicated that the plane tickets to India for Cindy, Arsheep and all six children were purchased on a credit card belonging to Arshdeep.

Investigators also noticed an abnormally large cash deposit into Arshdeep's bank account. This deposit took place on March 22; just hours before fleeing the country. Through data analysis, investigators learned that Arshdeep had paid a visit to one of his places of employment prior to making that cash deposit. Arshdeep had access to the company safe as a part of his normal job responsibilities. Investigators learned that Arshdeep first fraudulently altered the company's cash deposit records, likely in order to prevent detection, and then removed over $10,000 in cash from the company safe, travelled to the nearest bank and deposited $8,000 of that cash into his own personal account.

We have now obtained an additional warrant for the arrest of Arshdeep for felony theft. We're going to be sharing a still image with you today of Arshdeep making that deposit.

Today marks one month since the initial Amber Alert for this case was issued. Since then, this investigative team has spent 1000s of man hours on this case, have followed more than 70 leads, issued more than two dozen search warrants, arrest warrants and subpoenas, and conducted countless interviews. This investigation has taken us across state and country borders. Investigators have worked to compile a mountainous amount of information, data and evidence in this case, and we continue to build that today. Each and every single day we get closer and closer to the answers that we all seek.

Although it has been a month and we have not yet found Noel, rest assured that we have not stopped the fight. Not even close. We will continue to fight for Noel until we have the answers that we need. And I want to thank everybody for your overwhelming amount of support that this team has received during the course of this investigation. We know and understand how important this case is to the community and stand by our promise to do everything that we can in this case.

And with that, I'll be happy to answer any questions.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Yeah, I don't want to cause any speculation in the case because we don't know if it's directly related to this case; and I think in sharing that information would cause some speculation that I don't want to cause with the case, so we're not going to share any details about what was collected until we get lab tests back and it confirms whether or not it's related.

CHIEF - They were located this past weekend during that large search of the two areas nearby.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Different areas, yeah.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Not right now. We're continuing to evaluate the data and investigators are working to determine if there are going to be additional searches and if so, when and where those will occur. But right now we don't have any plans to conduct any ground searches and keep in mind, although ground searches may not be happening, the data searches are still happening and they're still continuing to search through that data, which is equally as important in this case.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Yeah, so I can tell you that the investigators have compiled a multitude of search warrants for data. I don't want to go into the specifics on what kind of data but pretty much, as I've said before, if you can think about it we're probably looking at it in this case and obviously with this statement I've included things like financial data and obviously cellular data. So we're looking at all avenues here.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Unfortunately, there's not a set date and it kind of just depends on the labs processes and things and we've obviously been processing a lot of evidence through there. So, it just depends on how long it takes them to do. Typically we use the DPS lab - Texas DPS lab.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Yeah so, we're essentially hands off with anything to do with their capture and extradition, that's completely up to the FBI. We've obviously turned this over to them and are relying on them to be able to fulfil that for us. We don't have the authority, the jurisdiction to be able to go over to India and capture them and bring them back. We would have to rely on our federal partners to be able to do that. And we rely solely on them.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - No updates yet.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Yeah, financials are certainly being considered with all this and we're looking very closely in all the financials.

REPORTER - No, not initially. So, the store ownership did was not indicated to it because Arshdeep had fraudulently altered the forms so it didn't provide an off balance on their sheets. They weren't aware of it until we made them aware that there was a suspicious deposit. And then after they went back and pulled the documents, they realised that there was an indicator that he had fraudulently altered the cash deposit forms to indicate a $10,000 withdrawal which ultimately was made to him and his bank account.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Yeah, so, the plane tickets were actually purchased on a credit card that belonged to Arshdeep. So the tickets, remember, were purchased roughly 24 hours.. less than 24 hours before they left the country and those were purchased on a credit card. This money was stolen mere hours before they even left the country so likely to give them some cash to be able to flee the country with, so they could afford things I guess when they got there is my speculation on it.

REPORTER - What kind of business did he work for?

CHIEF - He worked for different convenience stores; his primary responsibility was to go and deliver items and pick up different items and deliver those to the different convenience stores.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - No, I mean, obviously it's because they didn't have the finances to support their operations and what they were looking to do here and fleeing the country. I mean, the finances just weren't there. So clearly he chose to steal it from his employer.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Yeah, he works for a company that has multiple stores in the Metroplex.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Yeah, we've got the still shots from the bank and we're going to share those with you today as soon as we're done. We can't release which bank it is just yet.

REPORTER - (asks about landfills being searched)

CHIEF - Yeah, so, I know landfills has come up a lot and previous to this, I have never had any experience, myself, with looking at landfills and I can tell you that we have engaged with experts who have had experience in conducting those landfill searches. And to much of my amazement, and now I completely understand, it is a very, very complex and convoluted process to go and just do a landfill dig. In order for us to be able to successfully coordinate and perform a landfill dig we have to have more information. We really need to specifically know if and when a body would have been disposed of. So, we have a date and timestamp and we know where that trash would have been taken to to the site. Landfills - they don't just collect trash and pile it up without any sort of design. There's architects and engineers involved in all of that and for us to be able to successfully do a dig to find any evidence we would have to know more information, specific information, in order to move forward with that. And even with moving forward if we did choose to move forward with that there would be a pretty good chance that it would be hard to recover any evidence, just because of the way that the trash is handled and processed. So, we have not conducted any landfill digs and as of right now we don't have any plans to, unless we get specific data that would steer us in that direction.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Yeah, so I'll tell you what.. let me just do this; I've got a timeline here and let me just kind of recap the entire timeline a little bit for you.
  • Mid October - We know that the newborn twins were discharged from the hospital. And we have had eyewitness testimony that states Noel was at the residence for about a week after those twins came home.
  • November 1st - Cindy and all six kids went and took their passport photos.
  • November 2nd - There were applications applied for passports for Cindy and all six kids. Noel was not included in any of those.
  • November 6th - We've got data that supports that Cindy began researching cost and things for trips to India.
  • March 20th - We received the initial welfare check.
So, our timeline has been narrowed down to between about a week after the twins came home and then November, 1st when it appears that Cindy begins to plan an escape from the country

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Sure. So, right now we have one warrant issued for Cindy for giving false information related to a missing child case. That's a Class C misdemeanour, that was one of the first warrants we issued. She also has an additional warrant for violation of probation that was issued shortly after the Amber Alert was issued. We have felony (?) warrants for abandoning or endangering a child, which are issued for both Cindy and Arshdeep. And now we've got a felony theft charge issue for Arshdeep, in addition to, and as we continue to work through this, of course, if we identify any other charges, we're going to continue to get warrants for those charges as well.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - If I knew it offhand I would tell you, but I don't and I'll see if I can get that for you. I just don't know the name of the company right off the top of my head, but I'll see if we get that for you.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Sure. So, it does absolutely nothing to our moral. Our morale is not affected by what's happening on the federal front. Our entire focus has been on investigating this case, finding leads on where Noel is and then ultimately proving what happened to him. That's our team's focus and that's 100% where we're focused. Once we've accomplished certain tasks, we'll issue warrants, we turn it over to the federal partners that we're working with to be able to fulfil it from there. Our team isn't focused on what happens from there. I mean, our team is focused, right now, 100% on finding Noel or finding the answers to what happened to him. And that's 100% been our focus and it has not affected our morale and I don't think it will. We'll continue to push this investigation forward, all altogether.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Yeah, so, not knowing all of the details regarding parental rights there; I don't think the fathers, for one reason or another, had parental rights. I believe that all the children were in some manner signed over to where Cindy was the sole custodian parent of all those six children. However, I can tell you, particularly the father of Noel, has expressed concern for the case. We've talked to him multiple times throughout this investigation. We have talked to a couple of the other fathers as well who weren't really aware of all the details, but these fathers were not really involved much with the lives since the separation from Cindy and it appears that, through one manner or another, custody was was given to Cindy, altogether, so they just had no involvement really.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - First, you've got to consider that there's a delay in getting passports. I mean, we can't just apply for a passport and get it right away. So I would imagine that probably played a key factor into them.. into their ability to leave the country and she may have just gotten comfortable. All this is speculation, she may have just gotten comfortable with nobody questioning the whereabouts until police started coming and knocking on the door; and then suddenly she wants to abscond the country. So, it's hard to say exactly what they did during that period of time, obviously it's something that we're looking at, as we're doing the data analysis and trying to identify their course of action during that time. But she clearly started planning this starting November, 1.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Exactly. Yeah, sometime in there she starts to pay for the patio.

If you'd like I've got a fact sheet here. I can go over just to kind of highlight some of the publicly known fact sheets that are leading us to the conclusions we're getting at and just kind of review some of these because I know it's been a month, we've talked about a lot of different facts in the case. So, it might be a good time to highlight these.

We've talked about, first, how Noel was never enrolled in school, although he tested and qualified for early entry and even therapy. According to family members, Noel was reportedly abused and neglected regularly. Food and water were often withheld because Cindy didn't like changing his diapers. We know that Cindy reportedly struck Noel in the face with keys for drinking water. We know that Cindy reportedly referred to Noel as evil, possessed or having a demon in him. Noel began missing doctor's appointments after July, 2022. Cindy asked to even borrow a child from an acquaintance of hers to attend a doctor's appointment so that she could keep benefits. At Noel's last sighting he was described as appearing unhealthy and malnourished. Cindy told family members different stories about the whereabouts of Noel, including that she sold him to a lady in a Fiesta Mart parking lot. The biological father, nor the aunt in Mexico, have never even met Noel. No data is available to support any trips remotely close to the border and no data is available to support that Noel was sold, especially at a Fiesta Mart. Cindy told family members to lie to police about seeing Noel recently, family lived in squalor, however, chose to spend nearly their entire tax return on a newly constructed patio for a home that they don't even own. According to the contractor she was in a hurry, was indecisive and even requested the patio be thicker in a certain area. Arshdeep disposed of a single indoor outdoor carpet in a dumpster, the night before leaving the country; however, leaves the remainder of the squalor and trash behind in the home, shed and backyard. Multiple human remains detection K9's alert to both the rug, as well as under the concrete patio. Arshdeep steals $10,000 from his employer just hours before leaving the country. Electronic visas were obtained on March, 21, one day after the welfare check and obviously the family quickly absconds the country with one way flight tickets all the way to India, almost immediately after CPS and police began to question the whereabouts of Noel. So, all of these things are what has led us to the conclusion of this being a death investigation and why we are taking the path that we are taking and really what's pushing us forward. And, when you take a step back and I think when you look at the totality of the circumstances, you really get an understanding of what kind of case we're dealing with here. And these are just the facts that we've released. This doesn't even include the facts that we haven't been able to talk about.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Yeah. We're still going to evaluate all the data. We want to be able to have all the firm answers without any guesses. And that's what our investigative team is working at right now. We have the ability to go after him right now, with the felony 2 warrants that were issued. I mean, that was the purpose of issuing those felony 2 warrants - was to try to get them into custody and get them extradited back here so that we can question them regarding the disappearance of Noel. But, we're gonna keep pushing this forward, regardless. We still have some more data to evaluate, we still got some more opportunities ahead of us. We're not at the end game of this investigation, by any means, and, like I mentioned earlier, just the searches that we've completed are telling us where he's not, pointing us in the right direction of where he may be. So, we're gonna keep pushing that forward.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - That is one task that would be very helpful here is, obviously, finding him. Regardless of charges, we want to find him and put him to rest where he deserves to be.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Yeah, Clear-Com was kind enough to work with us and sponsor the advertisement of this, just to try to bring more attention in the case, attention and your efforts here and the media have been instrumental in this case. The tips have been extremely instrumental in this case - getting the information that we've needed. This whole case started from a tip, so it's paramount that the tips come in and anybody with information call us. So, certainly, yes; that's a part of that effort to get public awareness out there and make sure that we're getting all the tips that we may be able to get on the case.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Yeah, so I mean, we did locate some items on the searches this past weekend. However, it's unclear if those items are actually related to this case or not. One thing to keep in mind is that these locations that were searched are off of some busy roadways, so it's very possible that they may not even be associated with our case. So, before we identify what those items are, we're going to conduct lab tests to confirm whether or not they're associated with the case.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - You know... and I understand that the disturbed feeling that people may have gotten when they saw the (?), it really hasn't played much of a factor into the actual case or building any sort of probable cause or anything related to an offence. And, it just hasn't been an avenue that we've really looked to pursue because we're not sure that it would even be fruitful there. Obviously she has the freedom to worship whoever she wishes to worship. She has a freedom of religion. We're not going to impede on that and we're not sure that who she worshiped had any direct link to what happened to Noel and we're certainly not sure that it would... I know that it wouldn't play in at this point to any probable cause that we'd be seeking for any kind of charge. So, it just hasn't been something that's been really on the forefront of the investigation. Obviously, I know that people were uncomfortable when they first saw it and immediately had some thoughts but it's just not something that's at the forefront of the investigation at this point. We've got other data and things that we are focusing on that do provide the..

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - We've put in the request, haven't got it yet, I think many of you have as well. So just haven't gotten that yet.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - We don't have any more further ground searches planned, as of yet. So, we're going to continue to analyse the data, we have cleared over 500 acres of nearby tracts of land. So, we're feeling more and more confident about the areas that we've visited. Any, and I talked about this before, any ground searches that we do, we want to make sure that they are with a purpose and not just random, because we want to make sure that we don't miss anything in this case. And we want to make sure that we have data to support that. So, before we plan any further ground searches, we're going to make sure that we go back and review the data and have data supported.

REPORTER - (inaudible)

CHIEF - Sure. It hasn't been bad, because we've got an amazing team of investigators that has come in and helped us out with this. I've talked before about how we've got 30 to 40 investigators that have had their hands on this case at one point in time or another and we would not be able to move this case forward without their assistance. And they have been absolutely amazing to work with. I've had the pleasure over the last month to be able to sit in a room with them, every single day, and work on this case and this is a group of individuals who are much smarter than me, who are able to bring a lot to the table and really push this investigation along and we certainly couldn't do it without them. They have been incredible to work with and I truly feel like we've got the best investigators possible on this case. So, I'm very thankful to them. If it wasn't for them we, obviously, would be struggling to still push this case forward and we would be struggling to fulfil our other duties as a police department as well. But it's thanks to them that we're not struggling to do what we need to do as a police department.

Alright, thank you very much.


Mar 6, 2018
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Oct. 2022
Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez is at the birth of his twin siblings. About a week later, witnesses say they see Noel. He is described as unhealthy and malnourished. This is the last time police can confirm Noel is alive.

Oct. 2022
Cindy Rodriguez-Singh does not bring Noel, who is diagnosed with speech delay, esotropia in both eyes, chronic lung disease, and several other diagnoses illnesses to his Department of Health scheduled medical appointments. Police later learn he was last seen by a professional for an appointment in July.

Nov. 1, 2022
Rodriguez-Singh takes passport photos for six of her children, not including Noel.

Nov. 2, 2022
Rodriguez-Singh applies for passports for her family, not including Noel

Nov. 1, 2022
Rodriguez-Singh researches cost of trip to India.

March 20, 2023
Officers are dispatched to do a welfare check on Noel at the request of CPS. An anonymous family member gave a tip that Noel hasn't been seen in a long time. Cindy Rodriguez-Singh tells police the boy is living in Mexico with his father.

March 21, 2023
Cindy Rodriguez-Singh's husband Arshdeep Singh throws away carpet later believed to have human remains on it at one time.

March 22, 2023
Arshdeep Singh steals $10,000 from his job. Hours later, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh and Singh take 6 children, not including Noel, fly from DFW Airport to Instanbul, Turkey. They continue on to India, Singh's home country.

March 23, 2023
CPS contacts Noel's father Mariano Alvarez-Contreras. He tells them he was deported before Noel was born and has never seen the boy

March 2023
Cantario Rodriguez, Cindy's brother, tells investigators Cindy told her mother that she sold Noel to a woman at a Fiesta Market, police later confirm the purchase did not happen. He also tells them Cindy withheld water from the boy and saw him be beaten with keys.

March 2023
Police talk to Charles Parson, who owns the property where Noel, Cindy and Arshdeep live in a shed. He says he hasn't seen Noel since Thanksgiving 2022. He claims Cindy told him Noel was living with his biological father in Mexico.

March 25, 2023
An AMBER Alert is issued for Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez. The alert tells the public to look for a Chevy Silverado with a mural of Santa Muerte across the back windshield.

March 26, 2023
The AMBER Alert for Noel is cancelled, an Endangered Missing Persons report is issued. Everman police find the family's truck in a garage at DFW Airport.

March 27, 2023
Cadaver dogs search the property where Noel's family lived.

March 28, 2023
FOX 4 is allowed inside the shed where Noel lived with his mother, stepfather and siblings. Charles Parson tells FOX 4 CPS had previously taken Rodriguez-Singh's children away from her and that she feared it would happen again. Homeland Security, FBI now join the investigation.

March 30, 2023
Felony warrant issued for Cindy Rodriguez-Alvarez and Arshdeep Singh for abandoning and endangering a child.

Evening, March 30, 2023
Investigators drill underneath concrete slab recently poured at the property where Noel lived. Nothing is found.

April 5, 2023
Search warrant acquired by FOX 4. Everman police chief Craig Spencer says investigators can specifically rule out Rodriguez-Singh's claims that she sold Noel at a Fiesta Market.

April 6, 2023
Everman police announce the search for Noel has transitioned to a death investigation. The Endangered Missing Persons report for Noel is ended.

April 10, 2023
Texas Search and Rescue teams search wooded areas near Noel's home. Crews dig up entire concrete patio at the home.

Evening, April 10, 2023
Everman community holds vigil for Noel.

April 11, 2023
Everman police announce that Arshdeep Singh disposed of a large carpet prior to fleeing the country. Police believe human remains were on the carpet at one time.

April 14, 2023
Everman police call off weekend searches due to new data analysis

April 18, 2023
Everman police talk to FOX 4 about Cindy Rodriguez-Singh's worship of Santa Muerte. Rodriguez-Singh allegedly told others that Noel was "possessed", "evil" and a "demon" that she feared would hurt her newborn twins.

April 22, 2023
All-day search in the area around Noel's home comes up empty. Data led teams to search areas within a few square miles of the home.

April 25, 2023
Everman police hold update on search for Noel.