GUILTY TX - Robert McCartney, 49, abducted & murdered, Baytown, 8 June 2006

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    The body was left near the edge of a soybean field about 20 yards off Country Road 611 in Eastgate, said Billy Tidwell, Liberty County Sheriff's spokesman. Tidwell described the victim as a white male between age 35 and 50, and said his county had no reports of any missing persons that matched this description.

    "We are investigating it as a murder. We will know more once we get the autopsy report," Tidwell said.

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    In the capital murder case, gang members are accused of targeting Robert McCartney, a 49-year-old longshoreman from Baytown, because his 14-year-old truck had parts needed to repair the gang leader's vehicle, investigators said.
    Authorities have recovered surveillance video of the parking lot of the Baytown Wal-Mart that shows three armed men following, then abducting McCartney as he goes to his truck after leaving the store June 8.
    Baytown Police Capt. Roger Clifford said the truck happened to be the same model and year as one for which members needed parts.
    McCartney, whom authorities say was a white male with no connection to the gang, was found dead the next day in a soybean field in Liberty County.

    full article at link:
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    From March 2009:

    Couldn't find MSM, but Texas DOC says Randall Carter was sentenced to life without parole for capital murder:

    Michael Faught is serving 25 years for aggravated kidnapping:

    Larry Welch is serving 15 years for aggravated kidnapping:

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