TX- San Antonio - 4th Terrorist Attack on ICE Police Agents

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    US immigration office shot at in 'targeted attack'

    "Several shots were fired at around 03:00 local time (08:00 GMT) on Tuesday at the offices in San Antonio.
    Two neighbouring buildings came under fire, but no injuries were reported, the FBI said in a statement.
    The FBI said it was "reviewing surveillance footage" as part of its investigation into the shootings.
    No arrests have been made and investigators are looking for suspects, according to US media reports."
    The shootings were called "cowardly, brazen, violent acts" by Christopher Combs, head of the FBI's San Antonio operations.

    Aug. 13 - San Antonio, TX

    July 16 - Washington, DC
    July 14 - Tacoma, WA
    July 12 - Aurora, CO
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