TX TX - Shelbey Thornburgh, 20, Houston, 4 Nov 2015

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    I think the police are focusing on the individual being a customer for an escort service or non street level prostitution.

    A You Tube video related that the burner phone was used on different venues to contact several other women involved in prostitution via thinly disguised uhmm….. "close and personal" services. The police also noted that all the women contacted were blond. This could imply that the perpetrator sought out the victim on appearance and occupation.

    I wish the police acted fast. Where did the perpetrator go after leaving the condos? Would his car be on surveillance cameras from gas stations etc?

    Also, though horrible to think about, the perpetrator might of needed a "release" after the murder. Did he go to a nearby, or even far away strip joint? What about to an active prostitution area? A nearby bar? The photo should have been distributed to bouncers, dancers (hustlers or not), doormen, bar tenders and hookers etc.

    I would not worry about it.

    The term "hustler" has changed over the years. Currently, it seems to imply illegal sex business (the defunct Hustler Magazine). But.... it can also imply any illegal business.

    Yet, on other occasions, it can be used to describe "grey area" business (say, untaxed tobacco sales, alcohol sales in a dry county, maintaining barely legal gambling machines where stuffed animal prizes are exchanged for cash etc.)
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    Shelbey also had two priors for prostitution. One in Dallas and one in Houston.

    Now, that's not to say that because she was a prostitute that she doesn't deserve justice. Because she definitely does. One of the reasons, in my opinion, that she isn't getting the justice she deserves is because she's part of a marginalized part of society. A part that most want to pretend isn't there.

    I'm attaching a screenshot of the case numbers so you can look them up at | Search Our Records and Dallas County Criminal Background Search

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