TX - Toddler found in playpen after caretaker, 63, dies

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    Toddler found in playpen after caretaker, 63, dies

    Carl Thomas had not heard from his 63-year-old mother since Christmas Eve when a relative asked him to go to her home to check on her Friday morning.

    When no one answered the door at the northwest Harris County apartment where Norma Davis was raising a friend's 19-month-old baby, Thomas and a friend pried open a window.

    "My mom was on the floor, dead," Thomas, 41, said. "The baby was in his playpen."

    Thomas said the toddler, Kemichael Austin, was dehydrated and crying

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    How sad... At least little one was found before he too perished.

    Rest in peace Norma, she was a well loved woman.

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