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    Anyone think this could be a match?
    I think this is the other boy who was found at the same time.

    Case History
    This is one of two unidentified males located in Houston, Texas on August 8, 1973.

    The boys were among the victims, who ranged in age from 13 to 20, police believe were assaulted and slain in a killing spree that began in 1972. Most were identified.

    On August 8, 1973 Elmer Wayne Henley, then 16, told authorities he had shot and killed a man at the man's Pasadena home after hours of drinking and glue-sniffing.

    The man shot was Dean Corll, 33, a Houston Lighting & Power technician.

    Henley told investigators about luring young boys to Corll's apartment, where Corll assaulted and killed them.

    Henley was convicted in connection with six of the deaths and sentenced to concurrent 99-year prison terms. He led police to the bodies, buried in shallow graves at Corll's southwest Houston boat shed, along a Galveston beach and near Lake Sam Rayburn.

    An accomplice, David Owen Brooks, then 18, admitted he helped Henley lure victims for Corll. He received a 99-year sentence in one slaying.
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