TX - Uvalde; Robb Elementary, 19 children and 3 adults killed, shooter dead, 24 MAY 2022 #3


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Feb 20, 2013
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Maybe lawsuits will be the way to get people to start doing something to prevent these shootings... pipe dream I know

Uvalde shooting victims file $27 billion class-action suit

Victims of the Uvalde mass shooting that killed 19 children and two teachers at a Texas elementary school in May have filed a $27 billion class-action lawsuit against an array of public entities and officials, seeking damages for ongoing trauma.

The suit filed on Tuesday in US District Court for the Western District of Texas names the city of Uvalde, its police department, the school district, the state Department of Public Safety and several police and school officials, alleging they failed to follow protocols for an active shooter.


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Aug 13, 2013
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“I’ve been advised that there’s a woman that’s been shot in the head off of Diaz Street. Woman shot in the head off of Diaz Street by (an) unknown subject,” Nolasco radioed at 11:35 a.m. on May 24 on the sheriff’s office frequency, repeating the information seconds later on the police department channel that was already full of transmissions about shots fired and a gunman jumping a school fence. Why Nolasco changed course toward the woman’s house – and if he could have initiated a lockdown at the school sooner – has been an unanswered question for state investigators. He said later he was alerted to the attack on the woman by a resident who stopped him as he drove past

Even though he had the name of a suspect, knew that the man had tried to kill his grandmother, and was less than half a mile from the school, Nolasco chose not to go, instead sending some of his deputies. He stayed with the grandmother as medics arrived, loaded her onto a stretcher and took her to a hospital.

Still at the grandmother’s house, he asked a deputy, “Do they have him surrounded?”

A Texas House investigative committee into the Robb massacre said it received information that Nolasco learned about the shooting on Diaz Street by means other than being stopped as he headed toward the school, and perhaps earlier. They requested his phone records to determine whether quicker reporting of the attack on the grandmother could have led to an earlier lockdown at the school or a faster response.

When it issued its report in July, the committee had not received those phone records, though Nolasco told CNN he has now submitted them.



Feb 25, 2013
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Less than two weeks from Christmas and thinking of the Uvalde community -- the parents and families of the victims. Holidays often drill down deep at the heartache of the loss of a loved one.

IMO, both education and guidance by a parent and/or guardian, at an early age, play a large part in teaching kids about gun violence. It's in planting the seed before a child can be influenced by others as well as beginning a dialogue on guns and mental illness that might help prevent the next school shooting.

I applaud the McConaughey's for making the decision to take their 3 children to the funeral of one of the Uvalde victims.


Six months after the horrific school-shooting that resulted in the death of 19 children and two educators in Uvalde, Texas, Matthew McConaughey, a native of the city, is discussing the decision to take his children to a viewing of one of the deceased victims.

"The family asked if we wanted to bring our kids. My thought was … ‘Are you ready to look life in the eye and understand that death is part of it?’ Well, I don't want my children seeing that in a movie or a comic book. I asked each one of them if they wanted to, and they said yes," he told People Magazine for the People of the Year issue, for which he is one of four individuals selected.

"We tried to prepare them. I don't think it's too early to expose them in this most natural way. As a father, what do I hope they get out of it? Respect, more respect for their own life. More thanks and gratitude for the life they've got, for being able to go to school and come home safe from school another day," he shared.



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Nov 24, 2017
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