AZ Tyler Payne (4) - Tucson AZ, 2006

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    Tyler Payne

    Endangered Missing

    Missing From: Tucson, Arizona

    Missing Since: March-Sept 2006

    Age: 4 -- Height: 3'0" -- Weight: 60 lbs -- Hair Color: Brown -- Eye Color: Brown

    Tyler and his 3-year-old sister Ariana lived in Tucson, Arizona with his father and father's girlfriend in 2006. Their mother had custody of them. In March 2006, their mother called 911 and asked for help in finding them. Their father had refused to return them after a visit in January. The police contacted CPS, who said that the children should stay with their father. An officer did see both children, who appeared healthy at the time.

    In February 2007, Ariana's body was found in a storage locker. Tyler's body has never been located. It is believed that his bones were initially with Ariana's, but were overlooked and taken to the landfill. Ariana's body had multiple broken bones, and her cause of death was starvation. It is unknown when Tyler and Ariana were killed, but a roommate moved into the home in June 2006 and never saw the children.

    Tyler's remains have never been located, and he is presumed deceased due to the circumstances involved. His body may be in a landfill in southeast Houston.

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