U.S. university student severely gored as Pamplona's Running of the Bulls continues

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    Horrific scenes on the streets of Pamplona as three men are brutally gored in bloodiest day yet of this year’s Running of the Bulls. (Daily Mail)

    • An American, 20, was gored in the stomach - he is in a serious condition
    • A 42-year-old Spaniard was left with arm injuries
    • Most bloody attack was 31-year-old twice in the groin and once in the leg
    • Another three people, including a 48-year-old American, injured in run

    WARNING that the pictures at DM are brutal, as is the video; story at the link

    University of Utah student gored in Pamplona bull run. (Salt Lake Tribune)
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    I can't feel very sorry for the runners who were hurt while teasing and tormenting these poor bulls. I have a very dear friend in Spain who goes to watch this from the balcony of the apartment of one of his friends who lives on this street. Even he agrees that Spain does some very cruel things to bulls, especially in their bull fights.

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