U2's Bono has surgery, tour date postponed

Discussion in 'Celebrity and Entertainment News' started by Dark Knight, May 21, 2010.

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    CANNES, France (Reuters) - U2 lead singer Bono had emergency surgery on his back in a Munich hospital on Friday after being injured while preparing for the next leg of a world tour, the first date of which has been postponed.

    The 50-year-old from Ireland had been getting ready for the North American leg of the "360 Degree" world tour which had been due to kick off in Salt Lake City on June 3, according to a statement first released to Reuters.

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    Prayers for a speedy recovery! Bono does such good work for the underpriviledged of the world-especially Africa! Here's what it takes to set up for their 360 Degree tour-quite an awsome undertaking!!
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    My thoughts and prayers are with Bono for a speedy recovery!!! He just turned 50 and his energy is amazing (not to mention a gorgeous voice).
    U2 is a show not to be missed. I attended three this past year and had planned to attend two for 2010.

    "The Claw" takes two days to be built in your city's stadium (that is where U2 have been playing) and two days to take "The Claw" down. U2 have done and will continue to do and go where no other band as gone before (at least to me). LOL

    Another view of "The Claw":


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