UAVs Send Bears' Hearts Aflutter

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    Do bears get freaked out by airborne drones?

    By Charles Q. Choi, LiveScience
    AUGUST 16, 2015

    [A] group of researchers finds that despite the calm demeanor bears may display in the presence of airborne robots, drones make bear heart rates soar, a major sign of stress.

    "The magnitude of some of the heart-rate spikes were shocking," study lead author Mark Ditmer, a wildlife ecologist at the University of Minnesota at St. Paul, told Live Science.

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    I was just wondering; catching, anaesthetizing and implanting the heart monitors in the bears must have been extremely stressful experiences for them.

    Is it possible those experiences were preceded by the noise of a helicopter carrying the research team? And so what's causing the bears' heart rate to spike is the reminder of that, when they hear a drone?

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