UK - 3 women jailed for burying man, claiming ss benefits, Wales

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    A widow and two other women who lived with them buried her husband, Geoffrey Sturdey in Wales in 2008 and went on to claim over £77,000 (about $128,000) in social security benefits for him. The deception was uncovered when authorities noticed one of the friends was banking more than she was claiming in benefits.

    The three were arrested in 2013 and refused to co-operate. Geoffrey was found in a rockery near he and wife Rebekah Sturdey's home. First she said he left the country, but when investigators discovered he didn't have a passport they conducted searches and found his body. The coroner said he died of natural causes.

    Rebekah (who used another name in court) and her friend were jailed for 20 months -probably less than a year with parole. The third woman, Karmel Adie, pictured, got a suspended sentence.

    I'm thinking - these women were claiming 'carer's allowance' for Geoffrey, so he obviously had some disabilities. He died 2008 and wasn't autopsied until 2013. Are police sure he died of natural causes? Is it really possible to tell with 5 year old remains? And also, is this yet another English cult thingy?

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