UK - Ashley Dighton, 19, Ashford, Kent, 11 June 2007

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    The body of Ashley Dighton was discovered on 11 July 2007 in woodland behind Sainsbury's supermarket in Ashford, Kent.

    The cause of Ashley's death remains unknown. His body was found in a badly decomposed state. A police search found items of his clothing in a plastic bag close to the body but some clothing is still missing.

    The 19-year-old was last seen on Monday 11 June 2007 on leaving the supermarket in Simone Weil Avenue, Kennington, Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom.

    Police are appealing for witnesses who may have seen Ashley either at Sainsbury's or in Ashford town centre on 11 June 2007 to come forward.

    Ashley was 5ft 7in tall and of slim build. He had green eyes, dark brown hair and two tattoos; the word SKA on his right arm and a Tweetie Pie character on his left shoulder.

    If you have information contact the incident room on 01622 654860. Or you can ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
    Ashley's father, Ambrose Dighton around four years ago seeked help from 2 physics. He paid £45 for a sitting with former Metropolitan Police officer Keith Charles, who is known in spiritualist circles as the psychic cop, after reading about him helping to solve murders in America, Canada and Britain. He has also spoken in depth with 22-year-old clairvoyant Leoni Hukins, from South Ashford, after she told him she is regularly in contact with Ashley, a former school friend. Both physics are adamant that Ashley was not killed in the woodland behind Sainsbury's supermarket where he's body was found, the physics were not known to each-other in anyway.

    What happened to Ashley?
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