GUILTY UK - Baljit 'Bill' Singh, 50, found murdered, Birmingham, 23 Dec 2014

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    50-year-old Baljit Singh was last seen December 23rd when he left his Birmingham, UK home to buy a birthday cake for his son. His body was found 8 days later New Year's Eve, in the basement of a home.

    'A postmortem examination revealed he died as a result of head injuries and a knife wound to the neck.

    West Midlands police said Stuart Millership has been charged with the murder and will appear before Wolverhampton magistrates on Monday.'

    Another two women and a man have been questioned on suspicion of car theft or murder, and released on bail. It seems as though Mr Singh stopped off at a pub during his shopping trip and that his murder may sadly be connected to an attempt to steal his Range Rover car.

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