GUILTY UK - Bobbi-Anne Mcleod,18, ‘did not arrive to meet friends’ Plymouth, 20 Nov 2021 *Arrest*


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Nov 26, 2021
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Thank you for the meticulous updates and helpful articles.

No words describe the chills this sent down me or the damage done to this beautiful girl and her family.

It is unfathomable to me how someone could derive such pleasure from hurting someone unknown and so defenceless, and to lack the empathy to stop or show remorse.

Although the above articles quote that he “welled up” when admitting responsibility, the rest of his confession could well have described any other “problem solving” exercise with its rational cold use of language and sly humour at her death.

I find it wildly infuriating that both this killer and that of Grace Millane in New Zealand were conducting horrific Google searches along with things like decomposition (in GM case) or disposing and cutting up bodies (this case) as well as remote locations, and that doesn’t flag anything up, yet when you are about to go on holiday or get pregnant, the search algorithms send you all sorts of targeted products! There really should be some kind of red flags tbh. I understand the privacy arguments but in the old days if you were looking up all this in the library the librarians would tell on you!

As the most recent linked article says, it is bizarre he had no history of real world violence or criminality, then calmly and effectively abducts and kills a teenager, and seems so happy about it.

People who are overwhelmed by what they have done or feel guilty will produce information as to their feelings and how they acted and why - trying to fathom what they themselves have done.

This guy is a cold snake, he wants to retain control of the narrative and own those moments of the death forever. I even think he confessed to be part of the investigation and star of the show so to speak - these guys love the media coverage.

Just absolutely sickening. Bus stops are creepy places and think they should be on CCTV.

RIP Bobbi~Anne and huge respect to your poor, dignified and loving family.


Feb 3, 2013
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Had Ackland not confessed I wonder how long it would've taken the police to track him down? Presumably they would have had to use both mobile and ANPR information to narrow down the list of possible suspects.


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Mar 10, 2021
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I don't believe him that he wanted to leave BA at this bus stop.

No way!

Also, I doubt that sexual intent was not considered by him.

In my opinion, he is lying (as his "hero" Ted B. used to).

But it doesn't matter now.

RIP Bobbi-Anne.
You were so brave to fight for your life :(
Yeah I'm not so sure either. I kinda believed it at first but why was he searching places to take the body (like forests, woodland etc) if that wasn't his plan?


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Oct 21, 2009
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