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UK - Bradford's high unsolved murder rate

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by zwiebel, Apr 28, 2014.

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    Bradford in Yorkshire has the highest unsolved murder rate in the county, it's been revealed. 30 have gone unsolved, spanning 40 years. Unsolved cases include 92 year-old Doris Kellet, clubbed to death in her home, and 19 year-old Rebecca Hall, batted to death in a Bradford alley.

    Some of the higher profile ones are listed at the link, if anyone thinks a case or two might benefit from a thread. I have to say, it's really suprised me.


    ETA: Doris's home was 20 yards from a police station.
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    Not sure this means anything more than a statistical fluke--Somebody's got to have the highest murder rate, after all; it's not the same everywhere even if it's just chance making it higher some places than others.

    I think they've got a high rate of unemployment and poverty there. Places like that tend to attract criminals, unfortunately for the ordinary citizens that have to live there. Perhaps this is just a reflection of the generally higher crime rate in low-income areas.

    On the other hand, the cops say it's been getting better lately. I've no reason to doubt them, considering that crime rates in general have been in a sort of gentle decline over the last decade or so. It's small consolation to the people who do get attacked, but in terms of sheer numbers, apparently things are slightly better than they used to be.

    Wonder if this is part of a bid to get better funding for police in Bradford? Considering the statistics, they probably need it.

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