GUILTY UK - Constance Marten & Mark Gordon charged in death of baby Victoria, Guilty on counts 1 & 5, 2025 retrial on manslaughter, 5 Jan 2023 #8

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Does anyone know what happened to CM and MG when the jury were discharged? Were they released from custody? What is the process for requesting a retrial? Initially I thought it ment they were acquitted but that doesn't seem to be the case. Can't seem to find out online sorry if it is a daft question, I live in Scotland so different legal system.
I bet it is this:

This is the charge about failing to comply with sex offenders register, which had to put on hold for the other trial, so as not to bias the jury

He's refused to attend for this charge before, but because he will be there to find out about the GBM retrial, he will have to face his fate... Unless he refuses to attend both of course.
Ummm - very interesting.

I am not sure if it is OK to say what I think it is given that the status of his other case may or may not be sub judice atm? But his circumstances were widely reported in the mainstream media during the search, and it was reported in court that during the travels they undertook in December and January, before the car fie, he had visited a police station in the north of England 'for matters not connected' to the trial just gone. Had he been required to make further visits to police stations , which were missed due to them having gone off radar, that would be grounds for further charges.

Whatever it is, It will be on public record tomorrow - yes, exciting!

Aristocrat Constance Marten and Mark Gordon will face retrial over death of baby​

Aristocrat Constance Marten and her partner Mark Gordon will face a retrial over the death of their newborn baby.

The jury in the previous trial of the couple, who are accused of manslaughter, was discharged at the Old Bailey last week after failing to reach verdicts.

The prosecution announced its decision to pursue a retrial at a hearing at the same court on Wednesday.

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