UK UK - David Spencer, 13, & Patrick Warren, 11, Chelmsley Wood England, 1996

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    Volunteers search for remains of 'Milk Carton Kids' who vanished 25 years | Daily Mail Online

    The brother of one of the missing Milk Carton Kids who disappeared 25 years ago has joined hundreds of volunteers searching for their remains near a football ground after receiving a 'credible' tip-off.

    As hundreds of volunteers started working in shifts yesterday, Mr O'Toole, now 34, said: 'The community is doing what the police should do. A man contacted me directly to say he had seen a man digging in a field off Damson Wood Lane, near Solihull Moors Football Club, at the time they disappeared.

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    This case has haunted me for many years. The lack of effort put into finding these boys illuminates how classist Britain is.
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    Good to see the police working with the families on the new dig.
    #UPDATE | Update on investigation into 1996 disappearance of Patrick Warren and David Spencer.

    Following a review of the investigation based on the evidence we have to date, we were aware of the location where family members and local community are digging. This location was assessed in 2006 and again more recently.

    We believe the digging is taking place after a witness, who we interviewed in 2001, 2006 and 2020, provided details to the family. We have assessed this information each time and our assessment is that it is not consistent with the known chronology of events.

    We have today (Thursday) met with members of the family and people involved in the dig and we remain committed to working with the boy’s families.

    We recognise and sympathise with the strong sense of feeling surrounding the disappearance of Patrick and David. It’s highly emotive for their families, friends and the wider community and recent media speculation has understandably fuelled these frustrations.

    As we have asked throughout our investigations, if you have any information regarding this very sad case and not yet contacted us, please do so, we will always act upon new information.

    Please contact us via live chat on our website, or call us on 101.
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