GUILTY UK - Davina, 16, & Jasmine Kumari-Baker, 13, stabbed to death, Stretham, 13 June 2007

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    TWO devoted “wild child” sisters were stabbed to death in bed by their mother yesterday.

    Davina Baker, 16, and Jasmine, 13, were found just after 8am.
    Mum Rekha Kumari-Baker, 39, had a series of rows with her girls over their behaviour.
    She was covered in blood when police arrested her at the house in the village of Stretham, near Ely, Cambs.
    Details of the sisters’ boozing and other wild ways were revealed through their internet pages last night as pals paid tribute to the girls.
    Their father David — separated from Rekha — was said to be inconsolable.
    The murdered sisters used a website to reveal their devotion to each other — and tell of rows with their mum.
    The girls’ postings on Bebo also reveal the rebellious behaviour that led to their deaths in a bloodbath at home yesterday.
    Davina, 16, boasts about stealing and fighting, while Jasmine tells of her love of booze — even though she was just 13.
    On Davina’s Bebo page is a 44-photo album entitled “My gorgeous baby sister” which includes a snap of the pair and the caption “simply sistahz . . x”.

    She wrote, “Gurlz togetta 4 Ever” and in a message to Jasmine said: “You mean the world to me, I love you with all my heart.” Davina also refered to her sister as “the other half of me”.
    On her page Jasmine posted photos of “Mahh Gawjus Sisttah” and using a nickname wrote, “I totally love you Dudee” beside a picture of a heart she had drawn.
    Both girls included a close-up of their hands clasped together beneath the words, “Will Never Let Go”.
    Davina and Jasmine were found covered in blood in their beds just after 8am yesterday. It is believed they were stabbed to death by their mum after a row over their bad behaviour.
    Police had raced to their smart detached home after a phone call, believed to have been made by the girls’ mum to a friend who is a special constable. Mum Rekha Kumari-Baker, 39, was covered in blood.
    A police spokesman said last night: “As a result of officers’ investigations they arrested a 39-year-old woman who was at the scene.
    She is now being held at a police station where she is being questioned.”

    Detectives are not looking for anyone else in connection with the killings. Mrs Kumari-Baker is separated from the girls’ father, IT worker David Baker, who lives in Cambridge.
    He was last night said to be “totally inconsolable”.
    The killings shocked neighbours in the picturesque village of Stretham, Cambs — just a few miles from Soham where Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells were murdered by Ian Huntley in 2002.
    Last night the girls’ bodies were being removed from the house for tests by a Home Office pathologist.
    Davina had been living with her dad and friends after a spate of arguments with her mother.
    The rows over her behaviour are also mentioned on her Bebo page.

    Her photos included one of the two sisters looking drunk — while Jasmine added the comment, “Smashed!”
    Davina, who used the nickname ‘Buzzzzzing....’ boasted of having seven piercings, including one in her bellybutton, and being arrested for stealing and fighting.
    The 16-year-old’s last posting a few days ago discussed her favourite local pubs and revealed she was suffering from a hangover.
    Davina admitted: “I ws sick six times last night.”
    Despite their arguments, Davina had also posted photos of herself with her mum. One on Mother’s Day appears with the caption: “Me and My beautiful Mum.”
    Davina’s profile began with the words: “Soo Right: Life - My Beloved Family - Love - Happiness - Primark - Newlook - Music - Bed - Sleep- Make Up - Friends - Booze.”
    She adds: “My family mean more then life itself to me.”
    Things she said were “soo wrong” included “Bad Memories - Bullying - Arguing - Seeing your friends or family in pain. Death.”

    Postings on Davina’s page include a questionnaire put to her by another member.
    When asked, “Have You Ever Smoked?” she replied: “It’s a habit.”
    To “Ever stolen?” she wrote: “Yes — a lot and I’ve been arrested for it.”
    To “Been p*****d?” she replied: “Yess all the time.”
    And when asked, “Had a fight?” she admitted: “Beat someone up and got arrested.”
    Jasmine’s pages listed alcohol as one of her favourite things even though she was only 13, and told of her plans to get her bellybutton pierced after her next birthday.
    She had bombarded Davina with messages in the past few days. One note to Davina ended: “I love yah soooooooo much. I need to talk too you soo badly.”
    Jasmine, who used the nickname Jazii, also used the website to tell of rows with their mum.
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    Just four days ago she wrote: “momz like why do i alwayz have to take you jasmine -- why cant yur dad take you and all this bllaa bllaa bllaa. you know how it is. lovee you soo muchh. and really want to see you, Jaziixxx xxxxxxxx.”
    Her final message to Davina said: “can i come this weekend. i miss you soooooooooo muchhhhhh. i HOPE to see you this weekend. love you faweverr xx JAzii x x”
    Both girls had attended Cottenham Village College, before Davina recently transferred to a college in Cambridge to continue her studies. She had also landed a part-time job at Pizza Hut.
    Neighbours described Stretham as a quiet, virtually crime-free village.
    But Abraham Narimissa, 67, described the girls and their mum as “an odd family”.
    He added: “I tried to talk to the mother and she blanked me.
    “I got the idea the girls were frightened of her. They didn’t behave like normal teenagers — there was no loud music, having fun in the garden or friends coming to the house.
    “I know they had arguments as the younger girl smashed a window in the house about a year ago during a row with her mum. They seemed scared of her.”
    Pics at this link,,2007270542,00.html
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    Well I am sure glad that most of us don't go to that extreme when our child decides that they want to walk on the wild side of life. If I had been like that mom the granddaughter that I raised would be dead :hand:

    This is just so horrible. It sounds like the girls were doing a lot of things that they shouldn't have been doing and the mother must have just lost it. Sounds to me like the dad should have taken the girls if the mom couldn't deal with them. If the 16 yr old girl was living with her dad I wonder why she was at her mothers that night? Probably to spend time with her sister I would guess. Sounds like they loved there mom though. Teens agers often say ugly things about their mom or parents. It is just that age for some. Funny how things tend to turn around when they get a little older. I just wonder what set that mother off that night. It really is just a sad situation.
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