UK: Liverpool marchers locked in left luggage after threats to burn city

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    A planned 'White Man March' march by National Action in Liverpool, UK went slightly off-plan when citizens there took umbrage at the marchers' threats to 'send the city up in flames' and 'beat up' a few n****** if the march was blocked in any way.

    Liverpudlian citizens did turn out to block the march by neo-nazis at Lime Street Station, despite the threats. They said the city of Liverpool was built on immigration and there is no room for intolerance. So many turned out in fact, that the neo-nazis quickly called off their march and took refuge in a left luggage locker when they were pelted with plastic bottles and bananas (many black English citizens originally arrived in Liverpool via banana cargo boats as it was a cheap passage).

    As the shutters were lowered on the left luggage facility, Liverpool citizens chanted, 'Master race? You're having a laugh.'

    National Action say they intend to regroup and hold another march in two weeks' time. Six arrests were made.
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    I hate Liverpool Nazis.

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