UK - Love-struck pensioner, 75, stalked 90-year-old duchess

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    Duchess of Devonshire gets a stalker at 90:
    Lovestruck pensioner who asked her to marry him given a restraining order

    There's no denying she would have been a good catch.

    She is rich, titled, cultured, and charming - not to mention unusually well-connected.

    And even though she is approaching her 91st birthday, there has always been something delightfully alluring about the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire.

    But a lovestruck pensioner who asked her to marry him found out she can also be resolute.

    Magistrates slapped a restraining order on 75-year-old Michael Andrews after the duchess called in police when he allegedly refused to stop pestering her.

    Now her would-be suitor, who proposed after a brief encounter with the duchess on the family's Chatsworth estate in Derbyshire, has been banned indefinitely from approaching or contacting the blue-eyed, silver-haired object of his affections.

    Precisely what happened that day between the bespectacled septuagenarian and one of the aristocracy's best known figures remains unclear.

    But Mr Andrews insisted on keeping in touch with the duchess afterwards, and was moved to offer a proposal of marriage.

    When he was rejected, the court heard, he bombarded her with phone calls and repeatedly tried to make contact again.

    She and her staff told him several times she did not want further contact, but he persisted. Eventually she made a complaint to police.

    the rest, with plenty of pictures, at
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    Even though Deborah is indeed the youngest of the Mitford sisters, the daily mail has it wrong. She did not have tea with Hitler, but her sisters Unity and Diana had. Diana was married to Oswald Mosley. Unity shot herself, but not fatally on the day England declared war.

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