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    Megan Roberts, York student missing since January 23rd 2014.

    Media links and timelines only. No discussion please.
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    Event Timeline - Information sourced throughout this topic and media/Police website.

    23rd January 2014

    • Megan left Popworld at 02:10am on Thursday 23rd, January with one person and and was seen walking along York's George Hudson St. All in the group including Megan were heavily affected by alcohol.
    • Having separated, part of the group ran down Tanners Moat, in front of The Maltings public house towards the river looking for the others.
    • "Megan, through the effects of alcohol, was the last in the group and bumped into some of the cycle racks as she followed others.
    • Megan was last seen on CCTV at around 2.20am on Thursday 23 January 2014 with 5 others.
    • CCTV evidence does NOT show Megan running back up the same street with the others to re-join the main group.
    • The group were seen a short time later at the other side of Lendal Bridge, on Museum Street but Megan was not with them.
    • That group whilst together were widely spread out as they made their way from Popworld across Lendal Bridge to McDonalds.
    • CCTV does not show Megan walking across Lendal Bridge, Leeman Road York, or her normal route home though Exhibition square either.
    • Rockie was sending her texts that morning and they wasn’t delivering and discussed with friends over the next few days before contacting her mother.

    26th January 2014

    • Megan Roberts is Reported missing at 08:30am on Sunday 26th January, 78 hours after CCTV last saw her.

    27th January 2014

    • It is revealed to the public that Megan is reported missing. Friends had believed she had gone home to Wetherby to visit her mother Jackie or her ex-boyfriend, believed to be Jack Darracott but became concerned when she failed to return on the Sunday. Officers are also in contact with Megan's Father - and I've heard nothing from him publicly.
    • Detectives were probing concerns expressed by Megan and her Miss Thorley on their night out on January 16.

    28th January 2014

    • Officers have been reviewing CCTV footage to try and trace Megan's movements after she left the bar and have established that she was with a group of people on the corner of Rougier Street near Lendal Bridge at around 2.20am.
    • The group were seen a short time later at the other side of Lendal Bridge, on Museum Street but Megan was not with them.
    • As with all missing persons enquiries we are doing everything we can to locate Megan and make sure she is safe and well.
    • Superintendent Phil Cain: said he is 'absolutely confident she will be found safe and well”
    • He says to BBC news that they are searching the River because it’s standard procedure when a Missing Persons Inquiry is so close to the River, they have to rule it out.
    • He says it’s not currently a criminal investigation
    • The area where her mobile phone signal was last pinpointed, near York's Lendal Bridge, was yesterday being searched by divers.
    • CCTV will only be released if it helps the case.

    29th January 2014

    • All members of the group concerned have been traced and spoken to at length by the police.
    • "There is nothing at this stage to indicate that any member of that group of friends or anybody else is directly responsible for Megan's disappearance.
    • A range of other police enquiries, including investigating theories described on social media sites, have been undertaken by a range of police resources including detectives, the results of which does NOT indicate that Megan's disappearance is the result of any criminal activity.
    • Consequently the strongest and most probable line of enquiry being pursued by police is that Megan, affected by alcohol, has entered the river.
    • Clearly we will not be in a position to definitively to confirm this to be the case until Megan is found.
    • The possibility still exists that Megan is elsewhere safe and well, but realistically given the passage of time, such a possibility is increasingly remote.
    • I emphasise that there is no evidence to indicate foul play of criminality and certainly NO evidence to link Megan's disappearance to the Claudia Lawrence case.
    • On balance, this presents as a group of young friends on a night out that is likely to have ended in tragedy.
    • Our primary emphasis will centre on the continual search of the river and the surrounding area using specialist search resources.
    • It is feared she may have taken a short cut alone to her shared house in the nearby Clifton area of the city.
    • Senior officers are working on the theory Megan was so disorientated she may have stumbled into the freezing water and been unable to get out again.

    30th January 2014

    • Specialist teams conducted a land search along the banks on both sides of the river between Naburn and Scarborough Bridge.

    31st January 2014

    • Last Diving/Underwater Search with Sonar takes place.
    • The team would like to say a big thank you to Gordon from @tritechint for his help and hard work assisting us in the search for Megan.

    3rd Febuary 2014

    • Police will be conducting checks along the river between the Millennium Bridge and Clifton Bridge today, Monday 3 February 2014, which will continue throughout the week.
    • Megan's family are continuing to receive support from specially trained officers.
    • Chief Inspector Alisdair Dey, of York Safer Neighbourhood Command, said: "If you have any information which could help to locate Megan, I urge you to contact the police straight away.
    • My officers are working closely with Megan's family to give them the appropriate support and to keep them informed of any developments.
    • Facebook Message from Mother was deleted once it was across Public Media

    • York and The Humber Marine Unit are practising diver rescue today

    4th February 2014

    • York and The Humber Marine Unit are assisting South Yorks Police on a murder enquiry.
    • Article posted on York Vision regarding someone overhearing someone saying they heard 3 people discussing Megan Roberts, one women saying she saw Megan fall in the Water
    • Article Posted by her Facebook Page
    • Article later deleted and statement released possibly by a friend of Megan’s.
    5th February 2014

    • Article by York Vision Deleted on 5th February
    • Awareness for missing Megan to be made at York City game this Saturday
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