Identified! UK - N.Yorkshire, 'Pennine Woman' AsianFem 376UFUK, 20-40, in water, Sep'04-Lamduan Seekanya

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    Ooooops, my apologies!

    Anyway, here’s an interesting case from the U.S. from the 80’s which bears some similarities to LA’s.

    Richard Nyhuis: A Boy Scout Leader Goes Astray

    Remains of Thai wife found in the wilderness. No missing person report ever filed. Husband alleged she wanted a divorce and went home to Thailand and never heard of ever again. After a publicised facial reconstruction of what the victim might look like, a Thai friend came forward. Husband tracked down. Husband went “Oooops”.

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    Mrs Trimble [LA's first cousin] said she wanted to "thank everyone on behalf of her family" for looking after her relative, and added that Mrs Armitage "should rest in our local temple" in Thailand.

    "This is how we do it in Buddhism," she said. "It's better if she gets to be near her family."

    Deputy of the Thai Women Network in the UK Kanittaya Graham, who accompanied Mrs Trimble to Lamduan's grave, said it was an "emotional" experience.

    She said: "I felt really sad when I saw it. She's been there [in the grave] unknown for years.

    "It was emotional. Buathong was very tearful.

    "I can see they've really looked after her. I feel really appreciative that they looked after Lamduan even though they didn't know her."

    A crowdfunding page to raise money for her remains to be sent back to her family in Thailand has exceeded its £5,000 target by more than £600.

    'Thai bride' relative visits grave
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