UK UK - Ruth Wilson, 16, Dorking, 27 Nov 1995


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And she was 15 on the day of her disappearance not 16 as many reports state
No. She was undoubtedly 16 (and nearly 17). Her birthdate is widely reported as 31 January 1979 but, most importantly, this is confirmed (at least to the quarter) by a birth record on Ancestry for Q1 1979 for Ruth Wilson to a mother with a maiden name of Landeg.
if she was 15 she wouldent be in the 6 form she must of been at least 16 or she would be in the 5 form
ruth was geting near the age were she ould o legally anyway so why there be an urgent need to run away

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Thanks !!
I've seen this mentioned elsewhere and I'm just wondering if anybody has any further info. Is it the case that Ruth said words to the effect of, "its something to remember me by", when out for a meal with friends prior to going missing? And that she also insisted on paying for everyone?

I appreciate this is a very complex and multi-faceted case, and I'm not necessarily reading into this too much. I'm just wondering if anybody can clarify further. Thank you

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