GUILTY UK - Sarah Everard, 33, London, Clapham Common area, 3 Mar 2021 *Awaiting Sentencing*, #15

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Feb 25, 2013
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Sarah Everard moved from hire car to Wayne Couzens's own vehicle, court hears

Sarah Everard was moved from the hire car that Wayne Couzens used to abduct her and put into his own vehicle, prosecutor Tom Little tells the court

"In order to have done so and without her escaping or trying to escape or make a noise it can be inferred that he, at least, must have threatened her," Mr Little says.

The hire car had been driven to Dover and parked close to where Couzens's Seat car was left in a non-residential area earlier in the evening, the court hears.

Wayne Couzens sentencing live: Sarah Everard's killer had dating profiles and carried handcuffs off-duty, court hears


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Feb 7, 2019
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Couzens shopping trip to BP garage after murdering Sarah Everard
By 1.03am and 2.43am, the killer returned to central Dover with Sarah Everard still in his Seat.

The CPS said they "simply can't say whether it was approximate to the rape or in the hour or two after that" that Sarah Everard was killed.

The Old Bailey heard there had been no offer of explanation from Couzens.

But the prosecution suggest that by 2.31am - when the Seat activated an ANPR camera on the A20 Limekiln Street in Dover - by this point that Sarah Everard is likely to have been murdered.

Mr Little said this is because at 2.34am the defendant went to BP Dover South Services on Limekiln Street and bought:

  • two bottles of still water
  • an apple juice
  • a Lucozade Orange
  • a carrier bag
Mr Little added: "There is no CCTV from the petrol station at the relevant time due to a system upgrade having taken place, after which, inadvertently the system was left switched off for a period of time.

However, the defendant was not to have known that and to have left her alive - even in the boot of the Seat - would have been foolhardy."
Sarah Everard murder: Wayne Couzens 'may have used Covid rules to arrest and kidnap victim'


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Mar 11, 2021
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Remember reading before that his nickname at work was "the rapist", are there any details on this?
Also details on his previous instances of indecent exposure?
I wonder whether the fake dating profiles were created with the intention of kidnapping a woman from online. I am also curious about the significance of the hairband purchase and how they were used in the crime.
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