Deceased/Not Found UK- Steven Cooper, 47, abandoned vehicle, Loch Laggan, Highlands, Scotland, 21 Jan 2008


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Feb 14, 2020
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Steven has been missing since 2008 and has been legally declared dead.(8 years in UK). However the disappearance is very mysterious.
Sister of dad who vanished at Scots loch appeals for help on 60th birthday

Sister of dad who vanished at Scots loch appeals for help solving mystery on his 60th birthday

Steven Cooper's car was found at Loch Laggan in the Highlands after he vanished on his birthday 13 years ago.

The sister of a dad who [URL='']vanished
at a Scottish loch 13 years ago today has appealed for help solving the mystery on his 60th birthday.

Steven Cooper’s car was found abandoned at Loch Laggan in the Highlands after he drove hundreds of miles from his home near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire , on January 21, 2008 - his 47th birthday.

Extensive searches were carried out over a 50 square-mile area, using RAF helicopters, search dogs and mountain rescue teams but no trace of him has ever been found.

His sister Trish Cooper, 52, today spoke of her brother’s “bizarre” disappearance and her hope that he could be living a new life.

She said: “We have no evidence to say he’s alive or dead so until that time we’ve got to presume he’s alive.

“We will find out one day what’s happened to him and either be able to mourn him or find out he’s off living somewhere else. You’ve got to be realistic but you’ve still got to have that hope.

“It’s his 60th today so I hope wherever he is he’s got a nice little shot of vodka and can raise a glass.”
Police believe Steven left his home in Golcar during torrential downpours at 3.40am on the day he vanished, leaving his passport, driving licence, phone, bank cards and cash behind.
A week later his blue ford focus was found off the A86 in the village of Moy, near the remote loch - an area which Steven had no links to.

A receipt from Morrisons in Greenock dated the day he left home was found in the car and speed cameras showed it had travelled on the A1.

Specialist teams later used sonar equipment to scour the loch but the search was called off when nothing was found.
In 2016, Steven’s partner made an application for a declaration of presumed death at the High Court, which was granted by a judge.

Trish and other family members opposed the motion at the time and have continued to search ever since.

She said: “I saw him two days before he went missing and he was looking forward to his birthday.
“He’d arranged drinks with friends in the local club and was having a party at home.
“I find the circumstances quite bizarre. I don’t know why he would leave at that time of the morning in some of the worst weather we’ve ever seen and I don’t understand the journey. I don’t get how he knew to get there.”
Trish says she hasn’t ruled out that someone else may have been driving her brother’s car or travelling with him.

She said: “The car had left with just over half a tank of petrol and there’s no way he could’ve got up there without filling up somewhere.

“We don’t know if it was him who purchased the items in Morrisons and I still can’t get my head around the fact there were two wrappers for everything left in the car.

“Where it was found, the lock had been broken off the gate and the car hidden up a dirt track in the forest out of sight.

“You think of every scenario. I personally think there’s more to it.”
In the years he’s been missing Steven has become a grandfather of three.
The family still receive sightings and hope one day they will have the breakthrough they need.
Trish said: “There’s been lots of sightings, from Landsend to John O’Groats, and you do get nervous and excited.
“We’ve been told he’s driving a taxi, a bus, working in the docks. They’ve dwindled off over the years but it means everything to us that there are still people out there looking for him and thinking of him.
“We can’t express how grateful we are.
“We’ll always keep looking. I’ll never stop.”
Inspector Gavin Smith of the Police Scotland Missing Person Unit has said the case will remain open for Steven “no matter how long that takes”.
Anyone with information should contact Police Scotland or West Yorkshire Police on 101, or the Missing People [/URL]
Steve's last known movements were leaving home at roughly 3.40am on 21st January 2008. His car then went through a speed camera at Lothian & Borders (A1) before going across country to Greenock where the occupant/s visited Morrisons & bought 2 pre-packed Sandwiches, 2 bottles of Oasis Pop, 2 Muffins & a bottle of Morrisons own Black Label Whiskey.

The car then went back across country & up to Loch Laggan where it was parked up a dirt track & hidden from the road (the lock on the gate was broken off by someone) sometime that afternoon.

As far as we are aware Steve had no money so couldn't buy petrol/food/whiskey (all his money was accounted for when we checked & he didn't take his bank card with him, also leaving over £100 in cash on the living room table). We are of the belief the car had roughly half a tank of petrol in it when leaving his home in Golcar, Huddersfield. NO WAY on this planet could he have done the miles without filling up at least once..
Steve's mum, son, siblings, family & friends need to know what happened on that day/the day before. SOMEONE KNOWS SOMETHING!!! I pray they come forward with information & help end our limbo..


Dec 23, 2020
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Thanks for highlighting this case again - I've added it to my Scottish cases map. Could the two sandwiches, two drinks, etc. be explained by purchasing two meal deals? Greenock is weirdly out of the way if Moy/the Loch Laggan area was the primary destination, but I had been in the car for 7 hours and still had a good few to go, I'd probably get a meal deal for breakfast and another to eat in the car/for lunch later. Do you know if there was an indication when the lock was broken? ie. could it have been broken for a while and left on the gate to give the appearance of it being locked to discourage people using it, or is it implied that Steven/someone else broke it for the intention of hiding the car?


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Feb 14, 2020
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Steven vanished on his birthday 14 years ago. Some more info on Steven from this post.

It is 14 years today since Steven Cooper disappeared and also his birthday. Please keep his family in your thoughts

In 2016, Steven’s long-term partner made an application to the High Court using the Presumption of Death Act to have him officially declared deceased. This was granted at an inquest in June of the same year. However, the judge made it clear despite there being no proof of life, there is also zero evidence to suggest he is dead. His family are not ready to accept he has died and his sister Trish leads the campaign to find her brother or discover what has happened to him.

Steven remains a high risk missing person because he suffers from a rare genetic condition. Marfan Syndrome is a disorder of the connective tissue, affecting the heart, lungs, skin, skeleton and eyes. Despite him having it from birth, Steven wasn’t diagnosed until a few years previously, when he was seriously ill after a motorcycle crash. This resulted in him having a very gruff voice after having a feeding tube put in his throat, as there wasn’t anywhere else to put it, due to his neck being severely swollen after the accident. The accident also left him with difficulty walking and he sometimes used a stick.

Steven’s mum, siblings, family and friends are desperate to know the circumstances of the previous day and leading up to his disappearance. They know he was drinking in the Royal British Legion Club on Scar Lane, Golcar on the Sunday afternoon with his partner Claire Lodge and friends. Did he speak to anyone about leaving home, or if he was having problems in his relationship? Did he tell anyone he was going away for his birthday the next day? These are just a few of the questions they would like answered.

It is the Cooper family’s understanding the car only had approximately half a tank of petrol on leaving Huddersfield. It is impossible to have travelled 400 miles without filling up at a petrol station or motorway services at least once. Without any cash or bank card, it also remains a mystery how purchases could have been made by Steven on that day. They are of the firm belief that someone knows something and they plead for anyone with information to come forward.

If you have any information, please contact Police Scotland or West Yorkshire Police on 101. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, call Crimestoppers on ‪0800 555 111‬ or use their online reporting service. Alternatively, phone/text Missing People on 116 000 or email [email protected] quoting reference ‪08-001599‬.

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Missing Persons Support | It is 14 years today since Steven Cooper disappeared and also his birthday