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    There are some great new Podcasts available for people interested in UK cold cases and crime, my favourite being Outlines, as Jess Carter researches the cases so throughly and doesn't include any gossip or conjecture, just facts as reported (often with insiders interviewed) @outlines
    The Outlines Podcast

    Also good are

    I'd be interested to hear suggestions from others for cold case and true crime podcast suggestions

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    You may well be aware of this Podcast. Reporter-Murder in the Graveyard. Chronicles the Steven Dowling case from Bakewell in the UK. The victim, Wendy Sewell, was savagely murdered in a graveyard. Don Hale was a newspaper editor that became a crusader on Dowling's behalf proving his conviction unsafe. I believe it is only just beginning to cover the case but it is very interesting so far. Kind regards, George
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