UK - Unidentified Missing Persons Unit Database Feb'21

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    UK Missing Persons Unit publishes the grisly details of each body found on its 1,131-strong database.

    Grim facts and figures
    • In 2019 there were reports of 78 unidentified remains made to the UK MPU, of which 60 have successfully been identified, 18 remain open.
    • There are roughly 65-100 cases of unidentified remains reported to the MPU each year.
    • Currently there are 1,131 unidentified cases open on the database, with the reports dating from 1950-2020. A number of these cases will be historical partial remains.
    • The data is based on the information passed on by Police Forces.
    • The Missing Persons Unit website,, includes a case-search function, allowing members of the public to view unidentified cases and potentially assist in their resolution.
    If you are affected by the disappearance of a loved one, contact Missing People on 116 000 or at

    Inside grim database of unidentified bodies & the UK's mysterious unsolved cases
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