UK - Wayne Couzens (convicted killer of Sarah Everard)

'A former Metropolitan police officer is to face a gross misconduct hearing for allegedly failing to properly investigate indecent exposure allegations against Wayne Couzens, made days before he murdered Sarah Everard, the police watchdog has said.

The former Met officer is also facing claims over misleading testimony given to investigators and is one of two people to face action over alleged missed chances to identify Couzens as a suspected sex offender before he went looking for a woman to attack in March 2021. The Met said the constable resigned in 2022 while under investigation.

The IOPC also said an officer from Kent police would face a misconduct meeting over separate allegations relating to another alleged indecent exposure by Couzens

The Kent officer, a sergeant, was investigated over a 2015 incident when Couzens was alleged to have exposed himself in Dover. A man out driving with his partner and child saw another man in a car naked from the waist down. The man recorded the registration and passed it to Kent police. Couzens pleaded not guilty to that charge on Monday, which prosecutors decided to allow to lie on file.

Kent Police was his employer too -

why did KP take ‘no further action’ against Couzens re alleged indecent exposure in 2015? Why was that incident not flagged when he transferred to the Met?

One of the official reviews into Couzens which we're waiting on, is the Angiolini report. (First phase of the Sarah Everard inquiry will begin soon, chaired by Dame Elish Angiolini. Baroness Blackstock has asked the Home Sec that David Carrick be included in that inquiry.

I can't see the Home Sec agreeing to that although she alone has the powers ( under the Inquiries Act) to decide whether the inquiry can include other officers' predatory or criminal behaviour, not just control the scope by limiting it to Couzens. Here's another example of a case which could be included if Home Sec wants to broaden this out Met detective jailed for three years after spying on naked women

Anyway, Phase 1 of Angiolini - what it includes & doesn't is available online)

Specialist reporter Danny Shaw also provides some other links & questions incl the two bodies which had previously raise concerns:

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Thank you Cottonweaver, this is very informative.
Honestly - and I'm sure you're already aware of this - in addition to the incredibly useful geographic region provided by a member in this thread which I love, I would look closely at the organisations and cultures surrounding them.

Canterbury - where did the army go on their nights out? Any assaults in nightclubs (sadly surprising how many of these don't get treated properly) or surrounding areas?

Where did people at Dungeness socialise? They obviously were aware of 'issues' (probably not the extent).

Honestly, as well as looking geographically I'd seek to look within certain organisations - which, as I'm sure you will already know, will be difficult.

As everyone knows - and I hesitate to write this because things have meant to be changed - there is a lot left to be done. There is a veneer of accountability provided by various organisations now but IMO a lot of women who are assaulted while working in these jobs do not go to outside agencies and back then it was horrific with regard to how assaults were often - but not always - dealt with.

If you are looking for sexual assaults and not murder I would look at: army, police, Sellafield and Dungeness, the Met. I doubt anyone is stupid enough to assault someone at an embassy but you never know. I would look at associated staff there (kitchens, housekeeping, anyone with less of a voice). I feel like earlier in his career there may be stuff there but... it will be difficult. I doubt many would want to talk. Maybe look for people who have left the job suddenly, transferred and so on but please respect that people may not want to talk. Aside from all of the usual reasons, there are a host of professional reasons and the surrounding press, plus there will be the whole 'if someone had spoken out, X would have been prevented' mindset which heaps blame on victims not the person to whom the ire should be directed.

I don't know if any of this is useful in any way but I just wanted to add something.
Good luck.

We've had to remove almost 50 off topic posts or comments.

As per the Opening Post of this thread, the purpose of this thread is to discuss other crimes Couzens may have committed (so, not to rehash cases that have already been solved).

Our focus is on other crimes we believe that Wayne Couzens may have committed. We want to investigate if – aside from Sarah Everard– there are other women he has targeted, and if he may have committed crimes against women in the UK, and potentially abroad – prior to the murder of Sarah.

We are interested in hearing from anyone who may have information about him or his activities.

Please stay on topic or your post will be removed.

Thank you.
I thought Sillybilly's post, stating what this thread is dedicated to, was worth a repeat. :)
UK missing persons unit. Unidentified, both beachy head a hour away from kent and or london
Beachy Head is a famous suicide spot. It's a very tall cliff straight into the sea/beach depending on the tide. People travel from all over the UK to end their life at there.

Unidentified bodies found there are almost invariably jumpers who can't be immediately ID'd by the police.

It would also be a risky spot to try and dump a body, since there are dedicated volunteers and Chaplins who are alert to any unattended cars or anyone hanging around the cliff edge, (as mentioned, VERY popular suicide spot) a call to police results in a fast response. Something that a former Kent officer would be well aware of.
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Hi, these are some ideas on how to find additional information on possible victims or others who may have come in contact with WC.

I know geography has been mentioned, that was my first thought. In addition to ground sonar, has anyone attempted to use cadaver dogs in or around the property he owned?

Not sure if this is possible but : Searching for missing and unidentified victims with possible parameters of: location, appearance or resemblance similar to known victim Sarah, and correlating timeline; add international sources due to trips taken.

According to one source police did review phone and online dating records of Couzen; they reportedly followed up with the women Couzen had been messaging.

Thank you for drawing attention to other potential victims.
There seem to be quite a few UK murderers (Colin Pitchfork, Christopher Hampton, Christopher Halliwell, David Fuller) who go from low level crime or no crime, straight to horrific murder-rapes.
Halliwell and Fuller were burglars, turned double murderers, but haven't been linked by DNA to any unsolved rapes or murders.
No rape victims seem to have come forward after seeing photos in the newspapers either, which seems to be the case with Wayne Couzens too.

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