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UK - Wedding fireworks explode prematurely, kill two in Cumbria

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by wfgodot, Aug 31, 2014.

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    I really am sorry that a joyous occasion turned to tragedy. I know many people won't agree with me in saying that there need to be tighter restrictions on fireworks. They are explosives that have even been used to make bombs. I wasn't sure if people are as obsessed with fireworks in other countries as they are in the U.S. but I suspect so. Please explain to me the thrill of watching something explode in the air. I know that some fireworks make pretty patterns, but IMO the risk isn't worth it.

    As a child, I dreaded going to fireworks displays. They hurt my ears, and the bright ones hurt my eyes. I would sit, rolled into a little ball, with my sweaty palms over my ears and squinting. I was so relieved when I was old enough to make my own decision not to attend a public fireworks display. I've known other people who don't like fireworks, either, and people who tell me their children don't like fireworks, usually because it hurts their ears and the loud noise terrifies them. I like fireworks even less now since I have neurological problems related to a spinal condition. Loud, unexpected noises cause my nerves to over-fire, causing painful, involuntary movement of muscles. But, where I live fireworks are legal and they get worse and worse every year -- not just confined to one or two days of the year nor to only one area of town.

    Sorry for the rant. I just do not understand why people are so adamant about their right to set off (and store) dangerous explosives that are a hazard not only to themselves, but also adversely affect other people, animals (yes, some people's beloved pets and wildlife have died of sheer terror upon hearing fireworks explode), and the environment (hazardous chemicals are released).

    This occasion was to celebrate the beginning of a new life for two people. Instead, two people lost their lives. I'm just wondering, in the overall scheme, what was the purpose of the fireworks? Were all of the guests informed that the reception would include fireworks? There are tragedies like this every year in the U.S. around the 4th of July, where people are either killed or seriously injured. Are the risks posed by fireworks really worth it for the "greater good"?

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