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    The unidentified bodies found in Yorkshire shrouded in mystery

    On August 28 1969, a naked body was discovered on the quiet North Yorkshire beach of Sandy Wyke near the seaside village Staithes.

    The man had a possible injury to his temple and is believed to have been in the water for several days.

    He was bald and wearing just a black sock and a size eight work boot on his left foot.

    But more than 50 years later, the body has still not been identified.

    Other than his appearance - five foot ten inches tall, white, of large build, aged between 40 and 50 - the man's identity is still shrouded in mystery.

    But the body is just one of 17 found in Yorkshire that have never been identified, according to the UK Missing Persons Unit division of the National Crime Agency.

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    A very interesting article, really quite startling that there are 17 unidentified bodies in Yorkshire.
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