Union Pacific worker paints one small corner of his town beige

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    35-year-old Josh Cyganik waved to neighbor Leonard Bullock twice every day on his way to and from work at Union Pacific. 75-year-old Leonard is always on his porch in Pendleton, Oregon, watching the world go by and smiling.

    But one day, Josh overheard two passing teens disparaging Leonard's dilapitated house and worryingly, saying it should be burned down. The look on Leonard's face spurred Josh into action. He took to Facebook in the hope of gathering a few volunteers and some paint, but instead 100 people turned out to help, July 18.

    Leonard's house was transformed with a smart, beige coat of paint and some people even rushed out to buy him some new, comfortable furniture for his porch. He's still there every day, watching the world pass by, but now he grins from ear-to-ear, whenever neighbor Josh walks by.


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