Univ. @ Buffalo researcher hired actors to testify for him during misconduct hearing

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    Former UB researcher arrested in hoax
    William Fals-Stewart charged with attempted grand larceny

    Updated: Tuesday, 16 Feb 2010, 1:58 PM EST

    Attorney General Release: Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo today announced criminal charges against a former University at Buffalo researcher who allegedly hired professional actors to portray real people who were familiar with his projects to testify on his behalf during a formal misconduct hearing.

    The researcher, who was exonerated of the misconduct because of the false testimonies, then attempted to seek $4 million from the state for monetary damages.

    “The charges in this case allege a pattern of lies and deceit that a public employee used to attempt to defraud New York’s taxpayers of millions of dollars,” said Attorney General Cuomo. ‘The brazen crimes allegedly committed by this individual outline a series of frauds that could have damaged our outstanding SUNY system. New Yorkers demand and deserve integrity from State employees and with this prosecution we will work to restore that trust in public service.”


    According to the felony complaint, during a subsequent formal investigation launched by the University, three witnesses testified by telephone because Fals-Stewart claimed they were out of town. In reality, they were actors who thought they were taking part in a mock-trial. Fals-Stewart paid the actors to testify. He also provided them with scripts to use during the proceedings that were riddled with inaccuracies regarding his research. Fals-Stewart told the three actors, who he had hired before for legitimate training videos, that they would be performing in a mock trial training exercise. They were not aware that they were testifying at a real administrative hearing, nor did they know they were impersonating real people. Because of these false testimonies, Fals-Stewart was exonerated at the administrative hearing.

    Claiming that the misconduct allegations tarnished his reputation, Fals-Stewart sued the University, seeking $4 million from the state in damages.

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    boy what a dumbass.
    if he had let it go at just being exoneratd, what would be the chances this would have been revealed? instead he gets stupid and greedy and gets busted.

    luckily a large proportion of criminals were doing somethingelse when god passed out brains.......

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    How in the world did he think the real people wouldn't be contacted about their testimony during the University's preparation for the lawsuit? Surely he'd realize there would be attorneys and depositions involved. He's obviously too stupid to do any valid research in the first place.
    Whoever was conducting the misconduct investigation can't be very competent, either, if they took his word for the phone numbers of his witnesses and didn't independently verify they were who they said they were.

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