US - Child Sex Trafficking Growing in the U.S.

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    Child Sex Trafficking Growing in the U.S.: 'I Got My Childhood Taken From Me'
    The Problem Often Associated With Developing Countries is Becoming a Homegrown Threat
    WASHINGTON, May 5, 2010

    Long two page article with video

    There is a "cyber slave market that is being built up by Craigslist and other Web sites," Saada Saar said, and most of the time, the pimps who buy and sell these girls are never arrested or jailed.
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    How sad and disturbing this is. I can't even stand to think about this right now. Can't get my head wrapped around it. Just not right now.

    Kudos to Demi Moore and her husband for bringing attention to this horrendous crime.

    I wish Miss Izzy was here. This is her thing. She loathes these predators.

    Thanks BeanE for posting this. It's hard to believe, but it is happening. You've helped to expose this crime of exploiting poor children. Children that are just looking for the one thing they deserve. A family that cares for them and freedom from these vile predators.

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