US doctors successfully remove sick gorilla's lung

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    Last Update: Sunday, May 9, 2004. 10:46am (AEST)
    US doctors successfully remove sick gorilla's lung
    Doctors in San Francisco have removed the diseased lung of a 29-year-old male gorilla from the city zoo and have said they were cautiously optimistic the animal would make a full recovery.

    The operation on Kubi, a 191 kilogram ape, was the first of its kind and took nearly five hours to complete.

    A team of surgeons and veterinarians at the University of California San Francisco donated their time to save the animal, which has spent its entire life at the San Francisco zoo.

    In recent years, Kubi has suffered a chronic cough and lung infections that did not respond to drugs.

    Recently his condition escalated to pneumonia and doctors said he would not have lived without the surgery.
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