US Police Officer Praised After Photo of Simple Good Deed Goes Viral

Discussion in 'News that makes you smile!' started by PrimeSuspect, Jul 31, 2015.

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    Police Officer Michael Castillo has been praised for stopping to help a group of young boys fix a broken bicycle.

    Police Officer Michael Castillo, 27, was working in Connecticut on Monday when he was called to a local Target store after reports of a fight.
    When he arrived he saw a group of young boys he recognised from the neighbourhood with bikes out the front of the store.
    Noticing a chain on one of the boys’ bikes was twisted, Mr Castillo stopped, turned the bike over and began to fix it.

    What a lovely guy. :) It's nice to see good cops recognized for being decent human beings, these young boys will remember his kindness.
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    Thanks for posting this PrimeSupsect! It is refreshing to see this type of interaction between a police officer and kids. I'm sure it happens all the time I just don't see it because, of course, positive feel good stuff like this isn't a priority when it comes to reporting. (moo)

    IMO, it is kind acts such as this from a police officer that can help to improve the views/attitudes towards LEO's as a whole, of not just kids but adults alike. Seeing a police officer doing a simple kind act or even better, experiencing such an interaction like these kids did, can really help to show that contrary to what we see/hear (on a regular basis) regarding the conduct of LEO's today, there are far more good LEO's out there than not.
    (sorry for the mega run on sentence..:cup:
    need coffee already)

    We could use a lot more reporting on the good LEO's like Mr. Castillo. I predict that Mr. Castillo is going to have a very successful career in law enforcement and I wish him the best.

    * Everything above is my opinion only, yours may vary though I respect all view points just the same. *
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    This is the kind of news inching LE I love to see! Thanks for the share!!

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