UT UT – UP8683, Cauca/Hisp, Male, Steele Water Trail, Summit Co, 24 Jun 1983

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    Steele Water Trail John Doe

    Date Discovered: Friday, June 24th, 1983
    Discovery Location: Steele Water Trail, Summit County, Utah

    Physical Description:

    Race: Caucasian / Hispanic
    Sex: Male
    Age: 22-33 years old
    Height: 5’4” (64”)
    Weight: Cannot estimate
    Hair: Black, course and wavy
    Eye Color: Unknown
    Clothing: Light brown cords over dark brown pants, jockey shorts, multi-color shirt, fatigue jacket
    Misc. Items: A note found near the body (See icircumstances)
    Condition of Remain:
    Not recognizable
    Postmortem Interval:
    Estimated Year of Death: 1982-1983
    Fingerprint Status: Not Available
    Dental Status: Available
    DNA Status: Available

    An unidentified man was found on Friday, June 24th, 1983 in the Uinta Mountains at the Steele Water Trail Head between Scow Lake and Christmas Meadows Campground on the east side of Bear River by (2) Forest Rangers. The UID was found buried under rocks and branches with a fatigue jacket laying around the arms and chest.

    The man had been shot in the back of the head with a .22 caliber gun and was estimated to have been there since Nov 1982 and was suspected to be connected to a series of murders. The identification would be proven difficult as that the body was badly decomposed and exposed to the elements and animals in the area. LE checked dental records on file with penitentiaries in AZ and CO as that it was suspected the victim may have spent time there.

    LE had (2) men in custody one of the men hoping to strike a deal said his partner had admitted to several murders. The partner said he picked up sheepherders then would rob and murder them. It was suspected that the murder may have been connected to (2) cases in Summit County. LE stated they may have a possible identification of the man whom they believe to be Hispanic but said the man may never be identified.

    A note was found close to the body:
    Marlshia 268-1473, Kakala Brooklin Ave 116 Salt, Carl Dearden 855-2341, Home 272-5093

    Investigating Agencies:
    Summit County Sheriff’s Office
    6300 Justice Center Road
    Park City, UT 84098
    Contact: Akan Siddoway
    Tele: 435.615.3600
    UID Case # 198300628

    Information Sources:
    UID Case # UP8683: Unidentified Person Case
    Case Manager: Dustin Driscoll
    Tele: 817.240.4106
    E-Mail: dustin.driscoll@unthsc.edu

    06/30/83 – The Park Record
    07/03/83 – The Daily Spectrum
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    Why do they have a possible ID, but can never positively ID him? That's horrible. They should try and do more!
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