UT UT – UP8852, Cauca/Male, Skull, Sevier River/Deseret, Millard Co, 28 Dec 1983

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    Sevier River John Doe

    Date Discovered: Wednesday, December 28th, 1983

    Discovery Location: Sevier River/Deseret, Millard County, Utah

    Physical Description:

    Race: Caucasian
    Sex: Male
    Age: 20-30 years old
    Height: Cannot estimate
    Weight: Cannot estimate
    Head Hair: Unknown
    Facial Hair: Reddish hair 1” long found on lower left jaw
    Eye Color: Unknown
    Misc. Items:
    Condition of Remain:
    Not recognizable, Skull only
    Postmortem Interval:
    Months to Years
    Estimated Year of Death: 1981-1983
    Fingerprint Status: Not Available
    Dental Status: Available
    DNA Status: Available

    A rancher found unidentified man’s skull was found December 28th, 1983 two miles west of Deseret. It is presumed to be the skull of a transient that was observed getting off a stalled freight train and attempting to cross the raging Sevier river by using a downed telephone line. Observers shouted warnings to the man not to cross however he continued making it half way across the swelled river before he was swept away by the current.

    Investigating Agencies:
    Millard County Sheriff’s Office
    765 South Highway 99
    Filmore, UT 84631
    Tele: 435.743.5302
    Contact: Lt Morris Burton
    UID Case # 12-715-83
    ME/C Case # 198301401
    Web: Home

    Information Sources:
    UID Case # UP8852: Unidentified Person Case
    Case Manager: Dustin Driscoll
    Tele: 817.240.4106
    E-Mail: dustin.driscoll@unthsc.edu

    06/24/83 – The Daily Spectrum
    12/03/83 – The Daily Spectrum
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    Wow. Sounds so dangerous. He should have listened... RIP :(
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