UT UT – UP9535, Cauca/Male, Partial, Malan Basin/Ogden, Weber Co, 6/15 Sep 1987

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    Malan Basin John Doe

    Date Discovered: Tuesday, September 6th/15th, 1987
    Discovery Location: Malan Basin/Ogden, Weber County, Utah

    Physical Description:

    Race: Caucasian
    Sex: Male
    Age: 30-50 years old
    Height: 5”7” (67”)
    Weight: 160-185 lbs.
    Head Hair: Unknown
    Facial Hair: Unknown
    Eye Color: Unknown
    Clothing: (3) plastic buttons, zipper closure with “USA” and “Talon” stamped on I, hard shell glasses case w/velvet lining, (1) pair of glasses w/gold partial wire rim frames and clear lenses, (1) pair of glasses w/gold partial wire rim frames and dark lenses, Glasses Prescription R-50-0.25-12, L-25-25-60. Glasses were made by Bosch and Lomb after 1945. Shoe soles 28cm / 11.02” long.
    Misc. Items:
    Nail clippers, leather wallet, (6) coins dated 1935-1956, pen with plastic barrel, .32 caliber Remington ACP cartridge, Large caliber un-deformed un-jacketed round-nose projectile (Rifiling marks have left hand twists), .32 and .45 caliber shell casings
    Condition of Remain:
    Not recognizable; head, torso, limbs and hands not recovered
    Postmortem Interval:
    Estimated Year of Death: 1987 (1956-1965 per news article)
    Fingerprint Status: Not Available
    Dental Status: Available
    DNA Status: Not Available

    A hiker found scattered skeletal remains and personal property near a stream in Malan Basin between Taylor and Waterfall Canyons at @ 6:30 pm on September 6th, 1987.

    (11) bones were found upper and lower leg bone, lower arm bone, ½ pelvis, left thumb and a lower jawbone with (3) molars. One of the teeth had fillings indicating the bones were less than 100 years old.

    Through medical examination it was determined that the man was nearsighted (glasses), apparently bow-legged (shoe soles) and probably had small fine facial features. Investigators targeted a potential time frame of his death between 1956 and 1965 based upon the coins that were found near the remains. It was also suspected the man may have been murdered due to the shell casings near the bones.

    *The articles state the remains were found on Sept 6th, where as the NAMUS date is Sept 15th assume this may have been the date the report was filed.

    Investigating Agencies:
    Weber County Sheriff’s Office
    721 West 12th Street
    Ogden, UT 84404
    Tele: 801.629.8221
    Contact: Lt Morris Burton
    UID Case # 12-715-83
    ME/C Case # 198301401

    Information Sources:
    UID Case # UP9535: Unidentified Person Case
    Case Manager: Dustin Driscoll
    Tele: 817.240.4106
    E-Mail: dustin.driscoll@unthsc.edu
    Utah DPS:

    09/22/87 – The Daily Spectrum

    3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG Shoe Sole.JPG Shoe Sole2.JPG
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    Wish they could Parabon out a reconstruction and then DNA Doe Project this man's way home. But what a sad story, 20-30 years after his death he gets found :(

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