UT - Derek Orr, 29 Arrested for Carjacking Van with 3 yo Girl in Back Seat. 16 May 2019

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    "A man wanted for carjacking a van with a 3-year-old girl in the back seat has been taken into custody by Salt Lake City Police.

    Acting on information from the Unified Police Department, a SWAT team surrounded a home where Derek Orr, 29, was hiding. Orr refused to come out for several hours, but was eventually arrested.

    On May 16, a woman was stopped in the left-turn lane on 2100 South near 700 East at when a man ran up to her car, opened her door and pulled her out. He drove off, heading west, with the 3-year-old girl still in the back seat.

    About 30 minutes later, the child was found unharmed a few miles away and reunited with her mother."

    Police arrest man wanted for carjacking van with 3-year-old in the back seat

    That must have been a terrifying experience for the mother.
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