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    This thread is for media links, timelines, images, etc, for Ethan Stacy.


    Rest in peace, sweetheart. We love you.
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    Eyes4crime's timeline:

    Time-line for Ethan Stacy 4yo.

    revision (05/23/10 - eyes4crime & wonderful fellow sleuthers)

    April 28th - Wednesday
    Divorce papers finalized in Florida. Ethan and mom Stephanie fly to Utah

    May 3rd - Tuesday
    ..Stacy said that Ethan told him in their last phone conversation on May 3rd that he was having fun visiting his mom in Layton. Prior to leaving, Ethan hadn’t wanted to go. **
    ..Last time Ethan talks with dad Joe.

    May 4th - Tuesday
    ..Post on Face Book, the first of 17 cell phone pictures & videos mom takes of abuse over the days.
    ..Picture time-stamped May 4th or 5th of Ethan with large, notable, area of swelling to jaw and face.
    .. Ethan's father, Joe Stacy, told his son wasn't available to talk, a trend that continues through Ethan's limited stay.
    ....Stephanie continues to complain to dad Joe about Ethan's behavior.

    May5th - Wednesday
    ..Nate's mom sees son Nate, Ethan, and Stephanie - says all is fine (meeting place not mentioned).
    ..Stephanie visits Nate's mom.
    ..Nate takes Ethan in bedroom to punish and beats child around head area; face begins to swell.

    ..May 5th. Stephanie texted her brother that she and Nathan Sloop were going to a courthouse the next day to get married so that they could apply for food stamps, Medicaid and other public assistance, he said. Their "real" wedding in Colorado was still on, she told him. **

    May 5th - May 8th
    ..Ethan "exhibits signs and symptoms of a possible head injury or brain swelling due to a head injury,"

    Stephanie Sloop told police Tuesday while being interviewed about her son's death: Ethan did not eat well, was vomiting, lethargic and exhibited non-responsive behavior, according to the reports.

    May 6th - Thursday (wedding day)
    ..Ethan locked in bedroom while Stephanie and Nate marry; door knob taken off. Nate and Stephanie leave child in bedroom due to swelling and bruises.

    From Warrant of Probable Cause:
    Over the next several days, Ethan got progressively ill, police said Stephanie Sloop told detectives. He was vomiting, running a fever and would not eat. The couple forced the boy to drink two 16 oz. bottles of water, a bottle of KoolAid and orange juice in a two-hour period, police wrote in the jail statement. (from warrant of probable cause). Motrin and Benadryl were given for the swelling and Nate gave Benadryl so Ethan would stay quiet.

    Thursday, May 6 or Friday, May 7:
    Neighbor recalls seeing Stephanie walking away from the apartment seemingly agitated and stopping to look back at the apartment several times. A short time later Nathan followed her, put his hands on her face in a manner leading the neighbor to believe he was asking she please listen to him.

    May 7th, Friday
    Three nights before Stephanie and her new husband, Nathan Sloop, reported Ethan missing, Jones (Steph's good friend) said Stephanie left a series of frantic voice messages:
    .."She left crying, messages while she was crying, 'Ethan, he's crying. He won't stop crying. He wants his mommy. I don't know what to do. Please, please, call me. I don't know how to handle it. I don't know what to do,'" Jones said. **

    ..The final message, she now believes, may have come after Ethan died.

    .."It was absolutely hysterical, sobbing to where I couldn't understand what she was saying," Jones said. "if I had to look deep into my heart, yeah, I would probably have to say that Ethan probably was dead, if not close to being dead at that point. And it was her grief reaching out." **

    May 7th - Friday
    ..Stephanie, while shopping at Walmart receives a phone call from Nate informing her Ethan is badly burned on hands, feet, and legs up to buttox area from running water in bath. (claims Ethan turned on hot water).
    ..Stephanie returns to find human feces in child's mouth.
    ..In attempt to remove feces, Stephanie brushes Ethan's teeth until his gums bleed.

    May 8th - Saturday
    ..Found smeared feces on bathroom wall and on Nate.
    ..Found feces in mouth and again brushed teeth.
    ..Notices Ethan's lips bleeding.
    .. Blood and vomit found in child's bed.
    ...Stephanie needs to wash bed sheets due to blood and vomit from Ethan's mouth

    May 9th - Sunday (Mother's Day)
    .. 5:00am - Stephanie makes trip to Walgreens to pick up RX.
    ..5:30am - Returns from store and told by Nate Ethan is dead.
    ..Stephanie finds Ethan dead in bed - reports Ethan feels cold and stiff, and without pulse.
    ..Stephanie attempts CPR to no avail.
    ...Stephanie goes to bed.

    Ethan is wrapped in plastic garbage bags and taped, brought to Powder Mountain area for burial. Hammer used to disfigure facial features and teeth of Ethan.
    Stephanie goes on errand purchasing 2 slushies and 2 cans lighter fluid to destroy evidence.

    May 10th (Monday)
    ..Reported that Nate and Stephanie were shopping at Best Buy for video games and to fix Play Station 3(not verified)
    ..Ethan's father calls and talks with Nate rather than Stephanie.

    ..Elswick, Joe's fiance, opens card in mail to find 'Mother's Day' card signed...from your son Ethan...in Stephanie Sloop's handwriting.**

    ..11:55pm - Stephanie reports Ethan missing
    ...Tells police a made up story about Ethan leaving the apt. 5x over the last 4 nights.

    May 11th (Tuesday)
    ..LE finds child buried - teeth and face smashed with hammer; lighter fluid used to destroy evidence.
    ..Stephanie and husband Nate arrested.

    May 19th (Wednesday) **
    Funeral service for Ethan in Grundy, Virginia
    Burial for Ethan in Richland, Virginia.

    **New Information

    Thanks to all who took the time for suggestions, additions/corrections - used every one of them.

    Warrant of Probable Cause: Most of the time-line comes from Probable Cause document. Quotes, LE media leases

    http://connect2utah.com/images/Multi...an Sloop.pdf

    http://connect2utah.com/images/Multi...0C Sloop.pdf

    Fellow sleuthers - please continue to let me know of updates, new information, corrections. Thanks for all your help!
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    crimejunkie's updated timeline for Stephanie Sloop

    "crimejunkie: Time-Line for Stephanie Croft-Stacy-Sloop (updated/edited--new or updated information italicized)

    • Stephanie Christine Croft was born on 1/21/83 to Katrina Busby and unknown father in Michigan, Stephanie Croft reports her heritage as Greek and Irish. *Unknown Date of Birth*
    •Step-father John Busby
    •Stephanie has two paternal half-siblings. Her oldest brother, Greg Croft, saw Stephanie once when she was an infant. The siblings did not meet again until 2007, after Stephanie located him on Myspace. She also has a teen half-brother whom she met for the first time around 2008, while visiting family in Michigan. His name is unknown.

    •Stephanie reported to a co-worker in 2009 that her biological father was abusive and he abandoned her. Her brother Greg described their father as a “rolling stone” and stated he had little involvement in their lives. Stephanie visited Greg in Michigan around 2008, with her then husband, Joe Stacy and child, Ethan Stacy (along with Joe’s children from a previous marriage). They made a trip to visit their father and half-brother at that time, who also live in Michigan.
    •Stephanie and her mother moved to Florida when Stephanie was a young girl.
    •Stephanie reports she began modeling as a child.

    Adolescent/Teen Years:
    •1995—Stepanie Croft (12yrs) meets Nathan Sloop (15/16 yrs old). Nathan is the boyfriend of Stephanie’s best friend’s sister. Croft and Sloop will marry fifteen years later.
    •Stephanie Croft and Nathan Sloop both attend High School in Orlando, but due to their age difference (four years) they did not attend high school together.
    •Stephanie attended Edgewater High School in Orlando. She graduated in 2001.
    • As a teen, Stephanie would sneak out of her house at night to meet with boys.
    • Stephanie falsely accused her step-father of physical abuse, according to an ex-friend. The charge was dismissed.
    •Stephanie's mother disclosed to Joe Stacy that Stephanie was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder at age 13.

    Young Adult Years:
    •2001—Stephanie is employed as a “Jager Girl” (Jagermeister Promotions in bars/clubs/events)
    •2002-2004—Stephanie is employed as a “Bud Girl” (Budweiser Promotions in bars/clubs/events)
    •Stephanie had a brief marriage, but no further information is known at this time about the marriage or the groom.

    Marriage to Joe Stacy and Military History:
    •Unknown—Stephanie meets Joe Stacy while they are both enlisted in the military. Joe is in the process of a divorce with Michelle Rodriguez, with whom he shares two children.
    •Stephanie reported on Windows Live that she was discharged from the military due to an injury sometime prior to 2007. Joe Stacy reports that she was *not* honorably discharged from the Air Force during basic training.
    •When Stephanie is 21, she and Joe Stacy marry. Stephanie becomes pregnant with Ethan Stacy
    •The family mainly resided in Orlando, but spent three years in Savannah, GA were Joe Stacy was stationed at Hunter Army Airfield.
    •September 22, 2005 Ethan Stacy born at Fort Stewart Army Base in Savannah, GA, to Stephanie Croft-Stacy and Joe Stacy.
    •2008—Stephanie reports on Model Mayhems that she has modeled nude and would like to explore a career in fashion and/ or artistic pictures. She states she’ll be in “Hot Housewives—Playboy Edition in 2009”
    •Stephanie has a lot of prescriptions from doctors. Joe reports she always knows what to tell them.
    •Late 2008--Joe is injured at work and Stephanie begins commuting to Las Vegas to work as a exotic dancer, a profession she has previously worked in back in Orlando.
    •Early 2009—Stephanie employed at Wing House. According to a co-worker, she reports a happy marriage to Joe. Her comments suggest that she is jealous of Joe’s ex-wife, Michelle, and states that she is the real mother figure to Michelle’s two children, as the children were living with the Stacy's while Michelle worked as a flight attendant. Most initially report Stephanie as a good mother to Ethan at this time and normal family activities, such as time with friends, vacations, cook-outs, etc… However, they also report that Stephanie often lies, is overly concerned with money and can be vindictive.
    • Michelle and Joe's children report that Stephanie insisted they call her "mom" and their bio mom by her first name. They also state that Stephanie would hit them with a metal spatula and slap them in the head with the back of her hand, hitting them with her diamond ring. The oldest child reports that Stephanie made him care for Ethan while Joe was working. She reportedly also made the children make her alcoholic beverages and clean until things were spotless.
    •Stephanie reportedly sold laptops that were given to Joe and Michelle’s children as a gift. She also took money from the children, given to them by their mother. Stephanie threw away the children’s clothes that their mother sent for them.
    •Joe reported that Stephanie could be viewed as a good mother in public, but behind closed doors things were different. She was narcissistic and had to be “number one.” Joe reports that he tried to get her to be more of a mother, but that she was not cut out for that. He said, “She just is a person with no patience.”
    •Stephanie has breast augmentation surgery.
    •She participates in some modeling photos and in August 2009 Stephanie contacts a previous co-worker on Facebook asking for a photographer, as she hopes to begin modeling again. She also is planning a trip home to Orlando.
    • August 2009, Stephanie and Joe Stacy have a fight. Stephanie accuses Joe of choking her. Joe spends a few hours in jail, but charges were never filed. After the fight, Joe returned to Orlando with Ethan, his other children, Destrian and Alisa went to live with their mother in Illinois.
    •October 2009--Joe Stacy files for divorce from Stephanie Stacy. Both parents were ordered to complete parenting classes per Florida law. The Uniform Child Custody Act was invoked due to the parents living in two different states.

    Time in Las Vegas
    •Tina Rieyes, (friend of Stephanie Stacy) reports that she has a girls trip with Stephanie in Las Vegas. Tina states that Stephanie begins to do a “180” during the trip.
    •September 2009—Stephanie reports to her brother that she and her husband are having trouble. Stephanie relocates to Las Vegas to "find work" and Joe plans to follow her with the family in August. However, his ex-wife Michelle fights him over the move, as the children would be too far from her.
    •Stephanie works as an exotic dancer in Las Vegas, after a failed attempt to work in the law enforcement field.

    Life with Nathan Sloop and Divorce from Joe Stacy
    •October 8, 2009--Nathan Sloop responds to a message from Stephanie Stacy on Facebook. They talk on the phone for 24 hours straight and within 24 hours of their first phone call, Stephanie is on a plane to Utah to meet Nathan in person on October 9th. They share their first kiss moments after reuniting. Nathan reported that the couple has not spent one night apart since that date. Stephanie recounts on theknot.com that she and Nathan “began with full disclosure so that way our ex's couldn't try and use things against us. Its proven to make our relationship even stronger. “
    •November 2009—Joe Stacy files for an Emergency Motion for Custody and writes in court documents that Stephanie Stacy is “unstable” and he fears she will flee with Ethan Stacy. While this is occurring, Nathan Sloop’s ex-wife requests a restraining order from Nathan Sloop, after he leaves threatening messages on her voicemail. She reports being afraid to send her daughter to Nathan’s for the Thanksgiving holiday, as she is worried he will harm their daughter to get back at her. She writes in court documents that Nathan has “multiple personality disorder” and he was physically abusive during their marriage.
    •December 2009—Stephanie loses twins --discloses an ectopic pregnancy, a cyst on her ovary and a blood clot that required a lengthy surgery. She states, “you can always have more children, but Nathan couldn’t replace me.” She also discloses that this is the second time that Nathan “saved” her life. The first apparently being taking her to the hospital when she began to bleed while pregnant with the twins and another when he caught her during a fall brought on by an episode of diabetic shock. She discloses that she does not believe she would have lived through these events, if she had not been with Nathan.
    •February 3, 2010— Despite Joe’s concerns regarding Stephanie in November, the couple reached a settlement agreement with the assistance of a mediator. The agreement allowed for Ethan to spend the school year with his father and spring break and summers with Stephanie Stacy in Utah. Reportedly, Stephanie agreed to allow Joe to retain custody as long as Joe paid Stephanie half of an insurance settlement that was due to be issued to him regarding an injury at work.If Stephanie receives no money from Joe, she regains custody of Ethan. She reports to a friend, Carla Jones that she "sold" her son. Stephanie is not required to pay child support. It also prohibited Stephanie Stacy’s mother and step-father from having contact with Ethan, Stephanie or Joe Stacy, but there is no additional information regarding the reasoning. The agreement was signed by both Stephanie Stacy and Joe Stacy on this day.
    •March 2010—Nathan Sloop’s ex-wife moves to have a permanent restraining order put in place against Nathan Sloop. Joe Stacy reported in May 2010, that he was threatened several times via text message by Nathan Sloop in the six months prior to Ethan's visit.
    •April 2010—Stephanie reports to friend, Amber Navarre Llewellyn that she is excited to pick up Ethan and plans to keep him “for good.” Joe reported later that Stephanie only used Ethan as a pawn to get what she wanted. Many friends report a change in Stephanie while she is with Nathan. She appears "obsessed" with the relationship. At some point, the couple become engaged and set a July 4th wedding date.
    •April 28, 2010—Joe Stacy appeared for a ten minute final divorce hearing. Stephanie Stacy did not show. The Judge stated it was a “cut and dried” and the settlement was uncontested. She later admitted that she never read Joe’s petition for emergency custody filed in November 2009, as the agreement came after that filing.

    Ethan's Visit
    •April 28, 2010-May 9, 2010—Ethan Stacy is physically abused by Nathan and Stephanie Sloop. Stephanie documents the abuse via pictures and videos on her cell phone. Stephanie was also calling Joe Stacy to complain about Ethan’s behavior.
    •May 6, 2010 --Stephanie Stacy and Nathan Sloop marry in a Utah courthouse eight days after her divorce from Joe Stacy, while Ethan Stacy is locked in a bedroom at home due to his injuries.
    •May 7, 2010—Stephanie leaves her friend, Carla Jones, frantic messages stating that Ethan is crying, won’t stop and is asking for his mommy. She reports she does not know what to do and asks Jones to please call her. She calls a second time, but Jones states that Stephanie is hysterical, she can’t understand what the message says. Jones reports that she did not call back. Jones describes Stephanie as “…very conniving, manipulating and deceiving person," Jones stated, "She would sell her own mother if it was going to get her something….She was not a fit mother….She was not a fit wife. She had a personality disorder. She had anger issues. She should have never had that child."
    •May 9, 2010, Becky Elswick (Joe Stacy's fiancée) receives a Mother’s Day card that says, “Love your son, Ethan” in Stephanie Sloops handwriting. She finds this strange, as Stephanie disliked her. Joe reports that each time he calls Ethan, Stephanie and/or Nathan have a reason why he cannot talk at the time. Joe and Becky discuss that Nathan's tone of voice has changed during recent calls.
    •May 10, 2010—Ethan Stacy is reported missing by Nathan and Stephanie Sloop
    •May 11, 2010—Ethan Stacy’s body is recovered. Nathan and Stephanie Sloop are arrested.
    •May 14, 2010—Nathan and Stephanie Sloop make their first court appearance. Nathan Sloop cries. Stephanie was silent, though her attorney stated she was “very emotional.” Both waived their right to bail until their second hearing on May, 28, 2010. Charges are also delayed until this time.
    •May 26, 2010—ABC4 reports they wrote Stephanie Sloop a letter asking details of her life. She responded, “HA, HA, HA (in capital letters she writes), I've invoked my right to remain silent or didn't my attorney already say that?”
    •May 29, 2010--Nathan and Stephanie Sloop make their second court appearance and are charged with aggravated murder, second degree felony child abuse, second degree felony obstruction of justice and third degree felony abuse or desecration of a body. Nathan Sloop also charged with third degree damaging a jail cell.

    www.theknot.com wedding registry—screen shots/websleuths forum
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    Posted by Darlin Gal:

    A memorial fund has been set up for Ethan's family at the following location:

    TruPoint Bank
    PO Box 1010
    Grundy, VA 24614
    (276) 935-8161

    Pay to the order of: Memorial Fund for Ethan Stacy

    You can send a check or send payment via EFT (call for details on how to do that) If other forms of payment become available, I will pass along that information and it will posted to the Justice for Ethan Stacy Facebook Group.




    The Joe Stacy Support Page


    Justice for Ethan Stacy


    Justice for Ethan Stacy (separate group)


    In Remembrance of Ethan Stacy


    Nathan Sloop AND Stephanie Sloop deserve the death penalty!


    Those are the most active, from what I can see.

    The Ethan Stacy Blanket Project


    A group making blankets and donating them in his name to local child abuse shelters and organizations as well as to children in the hospital that have been abused.
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    Posted by Nursebeeme:

    for quick reference here are newsoutlets covering this case:





    Nathan Sloop's probable cause affidavit:


    Stephanie Sloop's probable cause affidavit:



    Nathan Sloop's charging document:


    Stephanie Sloop's charging document:




    Davis Co., Utah Inmate Roster (highlight name and click "details")


    Protection order against Nathan Sloop filed by his ex-wife, including transcripts of threatening voice mails:


    Joe Stacy's motion for temporary custody of Ethan:


    Ethan's obituary:

    http://www.grundyfuneralhome.com/Obituary Files/ethan_jonathan_david_stacy.htm

    Police press conference 5/11 after Ethan found (I'll change to a more complete video if I can find one):


    I'll leave that up in case this page is deleted, but the video here is more complete and without any breaks:


    Complete press conference 5/14, by Prosecutor Troy Rawlings:


    (click on "entire press conference" on video player)

    Audio of same press conference:

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