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Prosecutors contend the letter amounts to witness tampering and have asked a judge to prevent Kouri Richins, who is accused of killing her husband Eric, from further contacting her mother and brother. Kouri Richins’ defense team says the letter is being misconstrued.

Updated: SEP 18, 2023 / 10:15 PM CDT
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Kouri Richins allegedly tried to get mother to give false testimony​

Sep 18, 2023

Kouri Richins, the writer who is behind bars accused of fatally poisoning her husband, Eric, is now accused of trying to compel a member of her family to provide false testimony. The allegation comes after a handwritten letter intended for her mother was discovered during a search of her jail cell. NBC’s Erin McLaughlin reports for TODAY.
Well, this most recent clip does bring up the "potentially illegal search".
I am sure we all were thinking about that when reading about her sudden medical emergency that "removed" her to the hospital.
The letter certainly magnifies her guilt, but is there a chance it will be inadmissable?


The mother of accused 'Moscow Mule murderess' Kouri Richins repeated the same narrative that her daughter had scripted in a letter found in her prison cell as she spoke for the first time exclusively with DailyMail.com.

Lisa Darden told us she believed her late son-in-law Eric Richins had bought fentanyl-laced drugs and simply overdosed, just as Kouri had spelled out her instructions in her jailhouse note.

And she repeated Kouri's line that her husband would buy drugs abroad and slip them into her luggage without her knowledge.

Darden, 64, spoke exclusively to DailyMail.com on Friday, after steadfastly refusing media requests for interviews since her daughter's arrest.


In her hour-long interview with DailyMail.com, Darden repeated the overdose narrative.

'I think Eric bought some pills off the street and they were laced, and he didn't know it,' she told DailyMail.com.

She then proceeded to bash her daughter's dead husband, calling him a controlling, sometimes violent, man who cheated on his wife and once punched her in the face after she confronted his mistress.
SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah (Scripps News Salt Lake City) — Kouri Richins, who is charged with killing her husband with a lethal dose of fentanyl, claims that a letter found in her jail cell is not witness tampering, but instead an excerpt from a book she’s writing.

Posted at 8:19 PM, September 19, 2023


The Summit County Attorney's Office filed a motion Sept. 15 asking the court to forbid Kouri Richins from communicating with her mother and brother. Prosecutors say she is trying to get them to lie on her behalf.


Now, Summit County prosecutors are considering adding witness tampering. Kouri's attorneys say the state can't prove it, and what evidence they do have was obtained through a "potentially illegal" search.

Kouri writes in the letter to get Ronney to tell defense attorney Skye Lazaro that Eric purchased pills and fentanyl in Mexico. She says Lazaro has a private investigator looking into whether Eric purchased drugs at a ranch south of the border.


Ronney told KPCW he knew Eric purchased weed frequently, but he said he did not know about the letter found in his sister’s jail cell.

“There's no reason to testify falsely—[Kouri] didn't do anything,” he said.


The motion prosecutors filed Friday includes allegations about a second letter too. They say Kouri had a video call with Lisa Sept. 13, during which she held up a separate letter for her mom to read.

Lisa told KPCW a girl had written the letter to Kouri, and she just wanted her mom to see it. Deputies never found the letter.

“There is a strong inference that the September 13, 2023 letter was destroyed or flushed,” prosecutors wrote.


Lazaro told KPCW Kouri appeared to be doing well, “medically speaking,” on Sept. 15.

Her brother Ronney alleges the Summit County Jail messed up her medication, causing her to collapse.

Prosecutors subpoenaed the medical records from Kouri's visit Friday. Shortly afterward, the defense subpoenaed surveillance footage of any areas of the Summit County Jail where medication is distributed, as well as footage of Kouri’s cell, from Sept. 12 to Sept. 14.

The search of her cell occurred Sept. 14, at which point Kouri had returned to the Summit County Jail.

After receiving the results of the subpoenas, the defense will have a chance to file a direct response to the motion for a no-contact order, and the prosecution will have a chance to respond to the response.

Kouri’s next day in court will be Nov. 3, when the court could arrange a preliminary hearing.


Speaking to Dateline this weekend, Manzanares recalled the conversation.

'She said my husband passed away from COVID and he had a lung issue.'

Yet, Richins had been telling everyone around town how her husband had died from a brain aneurysm

'I come into work the next day, get on my computer, checking my emails, and there is an anonymous message that's come in to the entire station.

'I opened it up and all it says is capital letters and many exclamation points is 'You know she killed her husband!'' Manzanares explained.
  • A Utah TV news anchor who interviewed grief author Kouri Richins was emailed the following day alleging she had murdered her husband
  • Richins who wrote a book to help her sons cope with their father's death faces accusations of using a Moscow Mule cocktail tainted with fentanyl to kill Eric
  • The day after the broadcast the entire news team received an email from an anonymous source declaring, 'You know she killed her husband!!!'

24 September 2023
A Utah family blames the children’s grief author Kouri Richins, who has been accused of fatally spiking her husband’s cocktail with fentanyl, for their near financial ruin since buying from her a remodeled house that they say they've had to evacuate because of “hazardous” levels of mold and an onslaught of mysterious medical problems.

"There was no trying to right any of the wrongs that she had thrown at us,” Taryn Wright, 38, told “Dateline” in her first interview about her lawsuit against Richins. “We’re just innocent bystanders in her path of destruction.”

"Hazardous” levels of mold in the home Alec and Taryn Wright bought three years ago from Richins’ realty company has left them teetering on the edge, struggling to pay the mortgage on a house they no longer live in, and barely able to cover rent on the home they live in now, they told “Dateline.”

Sept. 22, 2023

Kouri Richins' attorney requests video of jail cell search that uncovered 'Walk The Dog' letter​

The legal back-and-forth surrounding a Kamas woman accused of poisoning her husband then writing a children’s book about grief is getting more intense. Her defense team is pushing back against the state’s request to cut off all contact between Kouri Richins and her mother. Plus, the clock is ticking on the prosecution, who now has to turn over all video surveillance surrounding the search of Richins’ cell, where the infamous “Walk The Dog” letter was found. In mid-September, workers at the Summit County Jail searched Richins’ cell, which led to the discovery of the letter, dubbed “Walk The Dog” because that phrase is written in big letters on top. FULL STORY:

Video time 2:21

Kouri Richins' defense team asks judge to officially sanction prosecution​

The attorneys for a Kamas woman accused of poisoning her husband is requesting another hearing so they can ask the judge to officially sanction the prosecution. The defense team of Kouri Richins has also filed a motion fighting back on the state’s request to keep Richins away from her mother. They argued one of the reasons presented to the judge turned out to be wrong, so they believe the request to keep them apart is unfounded. One legal analyst said even if that’s accurate, that doesn’t mean the prosecution can’t get what they’re asking for.
SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — Attorneys for Kouri Richins, a woman from Summit County facing charges of murdering her husband, have filed a motion to dismiss all charges against her.

Court documents claim that the prosecutors' actions have compromised her [Richins] right to a fair trial.

In a motion filed this Wednesday, it was argued that the state inaccurately labeled Richins with "witness tampering," an offense they hadn't officially brought against her, as per court documents.


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